daisi garcia-scott- commitment to diversity

photo by steed media service

Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Johnson & Johnson

Any company can painstakingly detail their diversity and inclusion
programs with grandiloquence and perfunctory precision, especially
under the media’s glare. But it is quite something else altogether for
an entity outside your company to recognize and extol your efforts.

“We just made the top 17 in the Diversity Inc. magazine for companies
with diversity. We’re very proud of that,” says Daisi Garcia-Scott,
Johnson & Johnson’s director for the office of diversity and
inclusion. “Our chief is really equipped to be able to take the office
of diversity at Johnson & Johnson to the next level.”

Johnson & Johnson’s philanthropic gesture towards prepubescent
children has also garnered praise from its recipients. “It’s also about
helping the children. We have a long-standing commitment with the Safe
Kids organization. So we are working with the kids who are attending
this conference, because there are so many things that happen to kids
in the summertime.” –terry shropshire

Learn more about their programs by logging onto www.jnj.com.

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