Vivica A. Fox Goes on a Date with Her Dad to Celebrate Father’s Day

Vivica A. Fox could’ve been anywhere in the world, but she chose to be in New York with her father to celebrate Father’s Day at Bounty and Daddy’s Promise Father-Daughter Dance in New York. Fox recently spoke with rolling out about her special date and with her father.

Can you give us insight on the special day you spent with your father?
I have always been a daddy’s girl. My dad has always been my best friend. This is my dad’s first time in New York. I got to have [my] first date in New York with my father and that feels great. We did a little shopping, but it was good to spend this special moment with him.

What are your thoughts on the Bounty’s Father-Daughter Dance?
I commend brother Ed Gordon and Bounty for putting on the father-daughter dance. This is such an important dance. This event will stay with my father and I for a long time.

Why aren’t more men commended for doing events such as this?
There are some men who are making sure that we re-establish the foundation of the black American family. We all have to stay close to our daughters and raise our young men to be good fathers.


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