San Diego Students Protest Racist ‘Compton Cookout’ and Hanging Noose


A multiracial wave of humanity flooded the University of California-San Diego to protest the chancellor’s silence despite a string of racist activities mocking Black History Month.

The throng of protesters raged their disapproval that some white students organized a “Compton Cookout” that featured fried chicken, watermelon, Kool-Aid, malt liquor beer, black face and donning stereotypical “hip-hop” attire. Additionally, a student-run TV station was suspended when a show “mocked those who were offended by the party and used a racial slur.”

The final straw came when a female student claimed responsibility for hanging a noose on campus Thursday night. Chancellor Marye Ann Fox said the student has been suspended. But no word has been issued as to whether the students involved will be charged with a hate crime against black students who make up less than 2 percent of the campus population.

These unanswered questions are why thousands of students, some wearing handkerchiefs over their faces, took to the pavement and blocked the chancellor’s office at UCSD to decry her conspicuous silence. They demanded a public statement be made to denouce overt racist activities on campus or campus-affiliated property. The Associated Press reported that the protests were peaceful and students left the chancellor’s office after a few hours of chanting “real pain, real change” without any major incidents or damage. terry shropshire

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press.

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