Transition to Natural Hair With Camille Rose Naturals

Janelle Stephens, Camille Rose Naturals Owner

The cutesy packaging was what caught our eye at the Camille Rose Naturals booth at the World Natural Hair Show. A black silhouette of a young lady with a yellow and red flower tucked neatly in her hair was enough to pique our curiosity.

Camille Rose Naturals puts an emphasis on the importance of moisture to maintain healthy hair, which makes it perfectly suitable for any woman who is in the transitioning stage to natural hair. Each product is handmade and full of natural ingredients that will not only strengthen the hair but will regenerate new cells which are needed for hair growth and radiant skin. The handcrafted formulas use botanical oils, butters and vitamins that will naturally infuse the hair for better manageability.

Whipped Shea Body Butter

“Camille Rose Naturals was inspired by my grandmother who has always recognized and stressed the importance of moisturized, healthy hair,” says owner Janelle Stephens.

One of their products, called Clean Rise, tickled our fancy because it’s one of the few products we’ve seen geared toward black hair types that removes hard water mineral buildup from our hair. When mineral deposits find their way into our hair through hard water, chlorinated water and hair styling products, they can coat the hair shaft and cause our hair to look dull and weighed down. One would usually have to create a homemade mixture of water and vinegar to remove these deposits, but Clean Rise already saves you the trouble.  Other Camille Rose Naturals products include Curl Love, SOYlicious, Algae Deep Condition and a Whipped Shea Body Butter. Sounds refreshing. –mckenzie harris

Clean Rinse

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