Erykah Badu Dismisses Marriage Claims by The D.O.C.

There’s a running joke among some music fans who believe that Erykah Badu has a way of casting spells over the rappers she dates. She’s been romantically linked to Andre 3000, Common, The D.O.C. and Jay Electronica. She has babies by three of the rappers, but she has yet to marry any of them.

The D.O.C., the father of Badu’s 7-year-old daughter,  made news headlines last week when he claimed in an L.A. Times interview that he was going to marry Badu.

He’s currently working on a reality show called “I Got My Voice Back.” The D.O.C. said that the show would chronicle his work behind the scenes in the music industry, his relationship with Erykah Badu and their preparation for a wedding.

However, Badu dissed The D.O.C. by revealing that the two are no longer dating and she doesn’t plan to appear on his reality show. “Erykah Badu and The D.O.C. share parental responsibilities for their daughter and their relationship as it regards that is very good,” Paul Levatino, Badu’s manager, said in a statement. “However, that is the full extent of their personal involvement and no romantic dynamic exists between the two. Moreover, Erykah has no plans to marry or have any sort of courtship with The D.O.C. Ms. Badu has no plans to allow a reality show to be filmed in her private Dallas residence or to include any of her children in the filming. Ms. Badu has no concrete plans further than a guest appearance in his reality show. The D.O.C.’s comments were either taken out of context, or reflective of his desires.”

Although a reality show revolving around The D.O.C. could be a bit interesting, it would be more intriguing to watch Badu as she pursues her thriving career and interacts with all of her hip-hop baby’s daddies. –a.r.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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