Kreayshawn and Gangsta Boo Deny Rumors of a Beef

Last week, it seemed like rap up-and-comer Kreayshawn would be embroiled in yet another beef after veteran emcee Gangsta Boo threw shots at the Bay Area rapper during an recent interviews. After Kreayshawn seemingly retalited against Gangsta Boo, the two are now claiming that they’ve cleared the air and there is no beef between them.

In a recent interview with XXL, Boo shared her thoughts on Kreayshawn and left some unflattering remarks for the “Gucci Gucci” rapper.

“I don’t listen to Kreayshawn. I’m really not feeling her,” she said. “I think she’s a wigger. I think she looks like she came out the movie BAPS. You familiar with that movie? Like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don’t know if that’s how white girls do it in Oakland.”

Boo claimed that she would have to meet Kreayshawn to better understand her, but at the time, she considered her nothing more than a gimmick.

“I really don’t know, I got to meet her personally to feel her out. To understand like, ‘OK, like this is really this girl, like she ain’t a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she’s not trying to be a black girl. That’s just her.’ So until I meet her I have a little bitter taste in my mouth to her. […] To me its an act and it’s a gimmick but its not a funny one,” explained Boo. Afterwards, Boo appeared on RapFix Live on Oct. 26, where she continued to slam Kreayshawn.

Shortly after Boo’s episode of RapFix Live aired, Kreayshawn took to Twitter and seemingly fired back at Boo.

“Hahahah lonely hungry b—h don’t deserve a mention. my local news caster got more followers then on you. Go play with ya kids h–!” tweeted Kreayshawn.

The rapper then tweeted, “Hope them shirts you selling at least paying your rent! Happy I can contribute,” assumedly referring to Boo’s shirt, which she showed off on Wednesday.

Though many assumed that full-fledged feud would ensue between the two femcees, Kreayshawn took to Twitter again on Oct. 28 and tweeted Boo to squash rumors of a beef.

@GangstaBooQOM I wasn’t talkin bout you. You know how the media be. [Sh–] you was one my fav. female rappers! You can say what you want,” tweeted Kreayshawn.

The same day, Kreayshawn spoke with MTV News about her disappointment over Boo’s criticism but maintained that she never retaliated against her and again denied any feud.

“I was just like kind of shocked because I’m a fan of Gangsta Boo and as a female, she was one of the females in the game that inspired me to rap,” she said about the “RapFix Live” diss. “When I heard it I was like, ‘What? Gangsta Boo? This sucks.’ To hear that from somebody that inspired me.

Kreayshawn continued, “[The tweets] didn’t even have anything to do with her. I already spoke to her about it. The thing I tweeted wasn’t even about her. It was on some whole other person. We ended up talking to each other. … We worked everything out. There ain’t no problems.”

“From the outside looking in, everyone has the option to their own opinion,” she said. “That’s why I wasn’t mad at her. I was just like, ‘Oh, this sucks.’ She can have her opinion, but we talked about it and it’s all good.”

Boo also used Twitter to deny the beef rumors, confirming that she had spoken with Kreayshawn and that the two had come to a peaceful understanding.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE STOP ALL THIS KREAYSHWAN AND BOO S— GOOD GOD HOW BOUT THEM BRAVES???? ITS NO BEEF FOR CHRIST SAKES. Just got off the phone w/ @KREAYSHAWN & I DID snap a lil bit in interviews but she took it like a G & she Luvs BAPS & she is not a ‘wiggy,'” tweeted Boo.

The Memphis emcee added, “New respect 4 her because she did not take it to heart & she got at me letting me know she was not talking abt me so HEY MEDIA 🙂 BYE MEDIA.”

Now that Kreayshawn has cleared the air with Boo, perhaps she can clear the air with her previous detractor, Game. Or perhaps we’re just reaching for the stars with that one. –nicholas robinson

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