Actor Thomas Hobson: Discusses Journey From Yale to Hollywood and Nickelodeon’s ‘The Fresh Beat Band’

Thomas Hobson caught the acting bug at an early age. He has appeared on too many shows to count and has worked on television shows, films, commercials and in theatre productions. After graduating from high school, Hobson attended Yale University where he fell in love with theater. His parents weren’t exactly thrilled — they expected him to become a doctor since he was a pre-med student — but he had different dreams. The young actor has landed a starring role on one of Nickelodeon’s highest rated shows called, “The Fresh Beat Band.”Hobson stopped by rolling out to share his experiences about being a student at Yale, his character, Shout, networking etiquette, and being a triple threat in Tinseltown.

Tell us “The Fresh Beat band,” your hit TV show.

It’s about four BFFs that love music. They form a band together. In a lot of schools across the country, arts is the first to leave, so the premise of the show is to teach our viewers about beats and genres of music, language, math and science.

Tell us about your character Shout?

Shout is the leader of the band. He is very rational, makes the best decisions for the group and more. He plays the keyboard on the show. So I got to learn how to play because of the character.

It seems that you have to be a triple threat to stand a chance in Hollywood? Do you agree?

The more talented you are the better your chances. I’ve been acting, singing and dancing since I was six years old. Its always great when I feel confident at an audition — when I know I can do it all. Also, people like to know that you can do anything.

You went to Yale University, tell us about that experience?

I was a pre-med student. Then I quickly learned I had a fear of blood, so that wasn’t going to work. I then switched to theater. I never knew how much I wanted to act till then. I fell in love with it. My professors rebuilt me because I thought I knew a lot, till I started taking those courses. I was also a member of an a cappella group called Shades. It was a group of mixed races.We sang R&B, soul and gospel. I loved it.

When you’re at a Hollywood party and you see someone that you may want to work with,what’s the most tactful way to introduce yourself and let them know about you and what you have to offer?

I’m still trying to figure it out. I try to be myself and wait for that right organic moment. I usually say ‘hello’ and start a conversation. If that conversation continues, then I say, ‘hey, I would love to work with you on some projects.’ You have to wait for that person to invite you in. You do have to be somewhat aggressive in this business.


  • Kathleen Cross
    November 21, 2011

    Love this. Thanks for this interview, Tami. I feel like I know this young man personally because I have a 4-year-old who cannot get enough of this show. I’ve always wondered what his back story is…Yale pre-med just adds another layer of appreciation next time I watch Mr. Hobson do his “loco legs” LOL

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