Nick Cannon Talks Recovery, Living a Healthier Life

It probably goes without saying that entertainer Nick Cannon is more appreciative of life after being hospitalized recently for mild kidney failure. In his latest interview since the fateful health scare, Cannon opens up about his recovery process and how he’s making some healthier lifestyle choices to avoid any further medical problems.

Cannon, who returned to work on Jan. 17, spoke with MTV News on his first day back to speak about his recent kidney problems. At the time of the incident, doctors initially thought that Cannon was suffering from kidney stones, but later diagnosed him with mild kidney failure, brought on by an overdose of protein, medication he was taking and a lack of proper sustenance. As Cannon explains, he’s feeling better now and plans on keeping it that way with a new diet.

“I’m feeling good, I’m in the office, I’m grinding, the only thing that sucks is that I’m on the renal diet,” Cannon said. “It’s all about healthy living and fueling your system, but I don’t get to eat the things that I like to eat. You’ve got to stay hydrated and [eat] fruits and vegetables for breakfast.”

Cannon admits, though, that he wishes he could go back to eating some less-than-healthy delights like Lucky Charms (“I can’t have none of that stuff anymore”), but says that he will learn to love his healthier diet, which now includes foods like oats and grains.

“Not even the good oatmeal,” Cannon said. “Real oats, like horse-feed stuff — but it’s cool. I’ve got to start to love it.”

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Cannon’s taste palette. The diet will evolve in phases as his recovery progresses and he’ll soon be able to incorporate things like Lucky Charms back into his diet.

It’s good to hear that Cannon is using his health scare as motivation to lead a healthier life and hopefully his lifestyle change will inspire others to reassess their eating habits and approach to healthy living and make a change for the better. And like Cannon, below are other celebrities who’ve chosen to lead healthier lives. –nicholas robinson


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