Allen Iverson’s Wife Wants List of Every Woman He Slept With: 10 Celebrities With Dozens of Sex Partners

Allen Iverson continues to face difficulties after retiring from the NBA. The former NBA MVP reportedly lost most of the $200 million he earned during his career and is now facing an ugly divorce.

His estranged wife, Tawanna, filed for divorce several months ago. What appeared to be a  rather quiet divorce is now turning into a mess. Tawana is requesting that Iverson reveal the names and phone numbers of every person he slept with while they were married.

Tawanna once said that Iverson’s extramarital affairs didn’t matter. “Cheating in the marriage has never been issue,” she said. “My decision to divorce has nothing to do with another woman.

Unfortunately, becoming a celebrity often goes hand in hand with promiscuity. Iverson isn’t the only celebrity who has been engaged in such behavior. Here are the top 10 celebrities with large numbers of sex partners.


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