There’s no doubt about it. Michelle Obama is one of this generation’s most noted fashion stars. Though the White House fashionista’s fashion cred is off the charts, many would assume that the mature political maven’s fashions wouldn’t translate at an event like Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. But the first lady shocked the world when she appeared at this weekend’s ceremony.

With her daughter’s Sasha and Malia in tow, Michelle attended the ceremony to award teen pop queen Taylor Swift with Nickelodeon’s Big Help Award.

Though fans were in awe of Swift, fans and style enthusiasts alike seemed to be mesmerized by Obama’s fun and youthful look as she took the stage in metallic skinny jeans, a sequined V-neck top and black pointy-toes pumps.

We definitely give a  thumbs up to Michelle Obama for pulling another fashion win. Check out some of her most fashionable moments. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson

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  • Eervin44

    Looking Sexy Michelle:)  I just love this outfit…Keep Up The Fashion Michelle:)

    • Kdawg303

      People with fat butts shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.

  • j w

    KMart …. Just Isn’t what you’d wear and expect to be taken seriously … Nah … I give it a 6   maybe 6.5  Tops

  • Lessie S

    flattering, fun.

    • MaryAnn Faubion Kohl

      For a rock star, not for the first lady.

  • MaryAnn Faubion Kohl

    She does not lend respect to the office of her husband’s presidency nor to her role as first lady. What a huge fashion mistake. Another reason to vote in November, and not FOR Obama. Wow, bad taste.

  • jm

    To the author of the above article regarding Mrs.Obama’s fashion: Are you kidding??? The level of delusion is mind boggling!

  • whattheef

    Just try to imagine Sarah Palin showing up in this outfit and the mainstream media, Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin and the likes’ response. Then tell me there’s no double standard here…

  • Leonard Blatsky

    And to think David Letterman said that Sarah Palin dressed “like a slutty stewardess”. Of course bitter Dave won’t disrespect Michelle…

  • Leonard Blatsky

    And to think David Letterman said Sarah Palin dressed “like a slu**y stewardess”.

  • Leonard Blatsky

    Wow! Keep deleting my comments. Not even any bad words.