Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI at 3 a.m. on April 6 in West Hollywood, TMZ reported. Police said Bynes hit the rear panel of police car while trying to pass it. After being pulled over, she was arrested for DUI.

After being released on the morning of April 6, she later was seen picking up her black BMW at the impound lot where it had been towed, TMZ said.

The actress, known for her roles in the TV shows All That, The Amanda Show and What I Like About You, turned 26 on April 3. In June 2010, she tweeted that she was retiring from acting, but followed that up with a tweet that said she was “unretired.”

Lately, Bynes has been spotted partying all over Hollywood. On St. Patrick’s Day in March, Bynes was spotted by TMZ after a party and a cameraman thought she appeared to be too drunk to drive, but she still took her car from the valet. Also in March, Bynes was pulled over in Los Angeles for talking on a cell phone, but left before the police gave her the ticket. She did stop by the station later to sign it, though.

  • Arnold Jenson

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    • Desmond_Reynolds

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