The cast of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are definitely stacking large bundles of Benjamins in the bank, according to leaked reports of the cast members’ salaries.

The fact that they are able to scoop up that many chips for basically acting a complete fool on national television, coupled with the unwritten knowledge that they get many other perks and clothes and meals free for being pseudo celebrities, and they are living very large.

You would be surprised at the amount of money each woman (and their boo thangs) are hauling home each season. And then take a peep at the hefty bonuses that each main “housewife” makes for appearing on the end-of-season reunion shows, where each basically try to maul each other half to death.

Even small cameo appearances by the peripheral players elevate them to a higher tax bracket. And I’m not mad at them … well, except for the coonery part of the whole ordeal.

Click below to find out what each cast members is making:

terry shropshire

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