Whitney Houston’s Body to Be Encased in Concrete

Whitney Houston’s family is said to be taking desperate measures to protect her even in death.

According to The Daily Star, Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, has her daughter’s grave under 24-hour surveillance to deter grave robbers who might be after her body or the $50,000 worth of jewels draped upon it. A close family source is quoted in the newspaper as saying, “Cissy can’t afford to keep paying guards forever. A concrete encasement is the only answer.”

If Houston is entombed in concrete however, it will become virtually impossible to steal her or her expensive jewelery. “It [concrete encasement] makes robbery virtually impossible,” said a burial expert at Hollywood Forever cemetery. “It would take a long time to get through, even with a pneumatic drill.”

Houston is buried at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey next to the body of her late father.

As previously reported a biopic is said to be in the works with Rihanna, Bobbi Kristina, Willow Smith and Paula Patton vying for the coveted lead role.

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