Christopher Nolen’s ‘The Good Life’ Has a Dark Side

The Good Life takes you to the ugly side of marriage, where deceit resides.

In this romantic drama, a sexless marriage sets off a chain of eroticevents that leaves a young husband and wife scrambling for emotional salvation.

Shot on location around the city of Chicago, The Good Life takes you on a white-knuckled ride of suspense as Jacques and Marianne Vandelay slowly become undone right before your eyes.

Each spouse wants what they cannot seem to have.  The sexy wife wants an emotional affair with an ex-lover who couldn’t care less. The sexy husband wants a lucrative business deal, so badly that he beds a potential client’s unstable daughter to get it.

The unstable mistress wants her man to dump his wife and marry her. With her lover caught in the crosshairs of business and pleasure, the mistress masterfully pulls back her bow … will she release the arrow and destroy his world?

The Good Life delivers a sobering lesson about wanton sex — it can mislead the vulnerable, enslave the weak, and completely consume the greedy.

You may have seen this story before, but never told quite like this.

The cast held a private screening of The Good Life at the ICE  Theaters on Chicago’s south side. Check out the wide release on Twitter: @GoodLifeMovie1

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Cast: Tangi Miller, Richard Gallion, Christian Keyes, Maya Gilbert, Mari Morrow, Ray Grady, Christopher Nolen, Christina DeLeon and AriKhatib
Writers: Christopher Nolen, Melinda Nolen, Keisha Kidan, Mark Harris
Produced by Mark Harris, Tangi Miller, Christopher Nolen, Natasha Parker
Co-producer: Dan Vogel
Executive producers: Keisha Kidan, Christopher Nolen
Directed by Christopher Nolen.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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