Rihanna Hospitalized Again: Should She Go to Rehab?

Once again, Rihanna found herself in the hospital after she fell ill following the MET Gala. Though the pop star has been released, a new report claims that those close to her are worried that her party lifestyle is affecting her health and want her to get professional help.

Rihanna tweeted about her medical emergency while still at the hospital, posting a photo of herself hooked to an IV. It was revealed that Rihanna was suffering from the flu and shortly after returned to her L.A. home.

And though, it seems like Rihanna may be out of hot water, Star Magazine and RadarOnline are claiming that sources close to the star are concerned by Rihanna’s rock star lifestyle.

“Rihanna loves to party, but this past month she’s gotten really out of control,” said a source. “She’s been drinking almost everyday and talking about smoking weed a lot, too.”

Over the past month, Rihanna has been spotted partying all across the globe in places like London, Sydney, Hawaii and New York. Most recently, the star was seen smoking weed at Coachella and tipping strippers with Meek Mill at a Queens strip club.

One insider claims that Rihanna’s partying stems from the loneliness and boredom of being a star.

“She’s actually a very lonely girl … she gets fed up with sitting in her hotel room, so she goes out drinking,” said the source.

However, another insider claims that Rihanna’s hard partying stems from her heartbreak over her ex, Chris Brown, and his now love affair with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

“When Chris got the tattoo [Brown has Tran’s face tattooed on his arm], Rihanna freaked out,” the insider said. “She’s been obsessed with the thought that he’s going to marry Karrueche and she’ll never be able to get back with him. She’s heartbroken and in a bad place … she’s been numbing the pain with alcohol.”

Rihanna’s friends are now urging the star to go to rehab to help her deal with her emotional pain and burgeoning addictions.

“She says she’s having fun, but it’s clear she’s acting out because she’s in a lot of emotional pain,” a source said. “Everyone is telling her to slow down and think about therapy, or even rehab.”

And her friends are worried that Rihanna will eventually become addicted to drugs like her father, Robert Fenty, a former crack user, did.

“Nobody wants her to end up like her father, or worse, turn out to be a tragic figure like Whitney Houston,” said a source. “But that’s what’s going to happen if she doesn’t take some furious action … to save herself — fast.”

If Rihanna is traveling down a path of addiction and destruction, hopefully, she will seek help and beat her demons like her fellow superstars below. –nicholas robinson


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