33-Year-Old Man Fathers 30 Kids by 11 Different Women

Baby-daddy drama is being personified by a Knoxville, Tennessee man that’s fathered an army of children by almost a dozen seemingly ludicrous women. Desmond Hatchett, 33, is the father of 30 according to Tennessee authorities who’ve subjected him to record breaking child support hearings. The minimum wage worker fathered his ridiculous amount of offspring by 11 different women who are all seeking support payments.

Hatchett’s story first came to light in 2009 when the then 29-year-old had 21 children ranging in age from newborn to age 11. “I had four kids in the same year, twice,” he said in an interview. According to recent reports, Hatchett’s added 9 more children to his brood since then.

A 2009 report on the dad noted that he made a court appearance about 15 of his children with nothing but a $400 check for the mothers to divvy up. It was also noted that his baby’s mothers are supposed to receive anywhere from $25 to $309 a month. Some women reported receiving only a $1.98 a month however.

Check out this ridiculous report on the anti-condom Desmond Hatchett below. –danielle canada