Baby-daddy drama is being personified by a Knoxville, Tennessee man that’s fathered an army of children by almost a dozen seemingly ludicrous women. Desmond Hatchett, 33, is the father of 30 according to Tennessee authorities who’ve subjected him to record breaking child support hearings. The minimum wage worker fathered his ridiculous amount of offspring by 11 different women who are all seeking support payments.

Hatchett’s story first came to light in 2009 when the then 29-year-old had 21 children ranging in age from newborn to age 11. “I had four kids in the same year, twice,” he said in an interview. According to recent reports, Hatchett’s added 9 more children to his brood since then.

A 2009 report on the dad noted that he made a court appearance about 15 of his children with nothing but a $400 check for the mothers to divvy up. It was also noted that his baby’s mothers are supposed to receive anywhere from $25 to $309 a month. Some women reported receiving only a $1.98 a month however.

Check out this ridiculous report on the anti-condom Desmond Hatchett below. –danielle canada

  • HardAssets

    Is castration an option?

  • Lou

    Is bout da keeds, not da perents.. Amazing.. I didn’t set out to have this many , it just happened.
    A condom NEVER crossed any participants mind ?  They all should have been aborted..



  • Carice McKinney

    I say chop it off! You didn’t take a break from making them … you get none paying for them. You and your baby mama’s are STUPID!!!

    • Wtsnchrty

      Just remove the tubing from the testicles.

  • Boisebill

    What a terrific role model for young black men…just like that idiot on the NYJets

  • sarahsue14

    Are these women morons?  He’s an idiotic a*hole, has no job, and is no model….is his d**k magic?

    • wojo12

      when it comes to ‘cute black guys’ women are stupid. they are taught nothign useful in school, then given sex ‘education’ and then told to ‘go make a difference in the world.’

  • William Joseph Reynolds

    His d*ck must have diamonds on it.  Women must be drawn to that sparkling appendage,

  • JeannieD711

    Filthy animals

  • Lszrmdru

    This is one of the worst things I have ever  read. If there was a case for court ordered neutering this is it. It now becomes the resposability of the citizens of Tennessee to take care of them. This is not to excuse the mothers. They knew what they were doing. I wonder how many of these women are actually working to take care of their kids. 


    • None

      This is awful. He wants a break on child support guess he should have kept his thing in his pants and he wouldnt have had to worry about it. What an idiot. Poor kids.

  • Gypsy

    that better not be a gold chain he’s wearing. 

  • Queenvee20

    Damn, they couldn’t blur out the some of those names on the dockett?

    • Guestier

      Why? Court records are public.

  • 3 Misc

    After the fact IS a little late, don’t you think? All those mommas should have their tubes tied also. Maybe China has the right idea… ? How irresponsible can you get?

    I think Obummer should support these kids!

    • Bob

      He is, that is how he gets them to vote for him. They all want some more of that Obama money.

      • Wtsnchrty

        your comment makes no sense to this issue! Maybe you’re on the wrong page.

        • Carla TheoneyoulovetohatePatri

          I agree what the he’ll Obama got to do with the stupid ass dude not using condoms

  • Herman

    Isn’t this what the DEMs liberals want? THey want to re-distribute wealth so by their own admission through the White House, they want to take from those of us who work hard and dole out that money to the 11 women who probably have to depend on the government now for welfare and Medicaid coverage. Imagine what 
    Desmond Hatchett family reunion will be like. There could be other women out there who have fathered his children, but prefer to keep it quiet. I would guess the figure of 31 is on the low side. This guy has turned this into a breeding sport.

    • Wtsnchrty

      apparently, he has what it takes! We wont have to worry about ending u like the dinosaurs. LOL

  • Fed up with the Fed

    When the government stops paying idiots to reproduce they will stop.  Not one of these women would have had a child with this guy if they thought for one minute that they would have to work all their lives to provide for them.  They know that they can lay around the house all day and draw TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, SSI for their “disabled” child and be better off financially than if they work.

    • Wtschrty

      unless you know them personally, you shouldn’t use that stigma because you assume all the mothers are black or becaue they are single parents. I’m sure they will do what it takes to raise the kids. Take care of your own!

      • Amy

        It seems like you are making the assumptions around here. “Fed up with the Fed” said nothing about these women being black.

      • Carla TheoneyoulovetohatePatri

        Exactly I know one of them Zenobia and she has never received assistant she works her ass off to take care of her kids stop believing everything you read

    • Carla TheoneyoulovetohatePatri

      Not all the women are getting tanf one I know and she has worked from day one

  • Jerry

    Well after sleeping on this and reading a few more comments I could say that if that chain he is wearing has any value he could be ordered to sell it.

    Some of the other suggestions on here would probably work but may be hard to get the man to agree to.  Another option which I thought about yesterday would be that I remember how many young men I know who joined the military when they needed support for their families.  If this is possible it would seem like a good option for him.  For several reasons:

    1.  He would get more pay.

    2.  His commanding officer could be sure that his pay goes directly to child support and there would be no need for any to be retained for himself since he is getting free room and board, as well as clothing.

    3.  Through the physical training perhaps he would learn to do something else with his muscles.

    4.  He could be stationed some place where there are no or very few women, and if there are any they will know what kind of record he has, and will be in better physical condition to resist him.

  • ObrienLisa65

    He should not get a break on childsupport.  He should have to get 2 ord 3 jobs to support 30 children.  He is a sick person and the women are no better!  YOU MADE THEM SUPPORT THEM. You will get a break in childsupport when you stop having children and they reach adult ages. I feel sorry for the childen but this would be a good lesson for all.  

    • Wtsnchrty

      yo go girl!

  • jerry

    You have to be kidding!  The mere fact that he has 11 different woman involved- do you think he might a risk for HIV-and they talk about gays -give me a break,  The nerve of some people thinking that the state is going to help support his kids.  HUH so 60’sih baby those days are done with -you need to get about 5 jobs – and just maybe you won’t have anytime to fool around and put a stop to the nonesense.  God didn’t  your parents ever teach you about birth control or is it always u[p to the woman.  I’d tell you what if I was a woman I sure the hell wouldn’t lay down with you and you sure wouldn’t be sticking anything in me unless you have that nasty thing wrapped!  Talk about the risk of spreading HIV I suppose they think they can’t get it because they are str8 HUH that is the problem-and to think that the HIV rates are going up in the black communicty this is exactly why-wake up people -start thinking with the other head

    • Wtsnchrty

      you are exactly right!

  • Jerry

    i would move the hell out of TN before I would support any of his kids.  The should support a state mandatory sterilization.   What the hell is wrong with people it is always about themselves and not the fact that you might bring a poor child in this world that will n ot have the necessities it needs to grow up   a healthy and a contributing person to society -when I mean contributing I mean work wise not more kids!!!

  • derricksmtih538065610

    I could go on and on about this man but what about the women????   30 kids amongst 11 women?? lets say for argument sake at least all of the women have at least 2 kids with him and some more than 2, Something tells me that he wasnt taking care of the first one they had with him so why would  they think  for some reason he would take of the next one??? these women to me are just as trifling as he is…. i would never have kids with a man that has this many kids let alone date him…. and if for some add reason i did have a kid with him, i definetely wouldnt have another one because i am pretty sure he wouldnt be taking care of the first….

  • Richard

    It’s obvious he’s good at one thing. Couldn’t he do a porn or two and give the proceeds to the kids? Given his sudden moment in the spotlight; it might be his only hope.

  • Richard

    It’s obvious he’s good at one thing. Couldn’t he do a porn or two and give the proceeds to the kids? Given his sudden moment in the spotlight; it might be his only hope.


    two sides to this story:A) there are numerous methods of birth control for women to use. B) The Daddy and the child support isn’t guaranteed to be there for the kids. “THE MOTHERS NEED TO MAKE SURE INCEST DOESN’T OCCUR AMONG THE KIDS AND THE GENERATIONS AFTERWARDS”. ALL OF THEM PLAYED THE SAME PIPE,SO SUCK IT UP THE KIDS ARE IMPORTANT. 

  • Dave

    thats how they do it in the jungle lol

  • none

    We all knows that black people can’t stop breeding. They needs the governments help remember, lok

    • Hmm

      Uh, what? Racist piece of shit

  • Kenny

    This guy deserves reminds of Carlos
    “shawty Lo” Walker that reality show on Oxygen channel “All My Baby Mamas”.Hell, i’ll be damned if he gets a reality show, too!!! It’s a damn shame that these 2 black men don’t practice responsibility, such as lack of self-control ,also lack of accountibility for their actions.As a Black man with no children, these men aren’t the role models need for vunerable young black boys and girls within the African American Community. They disgrace themselves and not honorable man with lack of common sense. This is INSANE!! If i bring children to this world, it won’t be like these two men.


    the women are as moronic as this low life piece of sh*t who should be castrated and then jailed for lack of payment of support … to bad the death penalty isn’t an option for this unreal scum of the earth.

  • wojo12

    where is Lorena Bobbit when you need her?

  • wojo12

    Guess who’s paying for all that child support!!!


  • Ginny

    Black ni**ers are disgusting scumbags!

  • Ginny

    BTW, having multiple baby daddies is tradition among hood rats. No matter how many kids a ni**er has, a ghetto bi**h will pop out more.

  • IAmEverythang .

    This is the most bizzare story ever when it comes to children. He needs to be clipped and these women need their tails kicked for letting him do this to them. Surely more than a few of them knew each other, but still allowed this foolishness. Who takes care of all of these kids?? I dont even think the state can even do it.