Stevie Wonder is one of the music industry’s most respected names, but thanks to a recent criminal plot involving a man claiming to be the product of an incestuous relationship between Wonder and his sister, the music legend almost became an industry villain.

According to TMZ, a man named Alpha Lorenzo Walker attempted to extort Wonder by threatening to sell his salacious story the tabloids if the singer didn’t shell out some major money.

Law enforcement officers claim that Walker initially demanded $5 million from Wonder, but after being denied by Wonder, he eventually lowered his demand to just $10,000.

Walker’s criminal plot all came to a screeching halt on May 2, when he was arrested after being trapped in a sting operation.

Sources claim that undercover cops claiming to be Wonder’s reps met with Walker to bring him the cash. But before they coughed up the dough, they demanded that Walker sign a document stating that his allegations were false.

Once Walker signed the document, he was promptly arrested.

Both Walker and his girlfriend have been charged with felony extortion, though he has pled not guilty to the charges. Walker is currently still in custody.

We’re glad that Wonder as able to beat his extorter before the story really got out of hand. Unfortunately, Wonder isn’t the only star who’s endured an extortion or paternity scandal. Check out some similar cases below. –nicholas robinson


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