Common reveals he was sexually abused as a kid

To most Black women, rapper Common is the quintessential embodiment of manhood: strong, intelligent, articulate, responsible, socially-conscious, upwardly mobile and financially secure. It is hard, with the powerful image that he projects, to fathom someone like him being subjected to any type of abuse. But in his Simon and Schuster-released book, Let Love Have the […]

Pastor accused of raping his teen daughter for years after his wife died

A young girl’s nightmare is over and her father is in jail, charged with sexually abusing her in Brooklyn, New York. The New York Police Department has announced the arrest of Matthew Gibson, a pastor at Progressive Baptist Church of Brownsville. Gibson is the son of Bishop Ben Gibson, who is head of the church. […]

Disturbing charge added to Atlanta Falcons reject caught molesting girl

Prosecutors say former Atlanta Falcons running back Justin Crawford, 23, who was arrested this past weekend by police in Columbus, Georgia, after his wife busted him in a comprising position with a 12-year-old girl, will face an additional charge of incest after new disturbing details have come to light in his case. Crawford was arrested on Saturday, […]

Update: Twisted tale of incest, murder and suicide as man kills his family

In February 2018, rolling out reported on the story of Steven Pladl and his daughter Katie Rose Pladl. The pair was arrested after it was revealed that the father married and impregnated his daughter, who then gave birth to a son. At the time, the duo was charged with incest with an adult, adultery, and contributing […]

Dad and daughter arrested for incest after she broke up marriage

The reunion of a North Carolina father and his daughter who was given up for adoption 20 years ago became a twisted tale of pregnancy, divorce, and incest. In January 1998, Steven Walter Pladl and his wife gave up their daughter for out-of-state adoption. When their daughter, Katie Rose Pladl, turned 18, she tracked down […]

Daughter who married mom convicted of incest in Oklahoma

Back in 2016, rolling out reported the story of Patricia Spann, 43, and Misty Spann, 25, a Duncan, Oklahoma lesbian couple who got married in March. But there was a real problem with this same-sex marriage because the pair are mother and daughter. The story became even more twisted when it was revealed that Patricia Spann […]

Child’s porn internet search at school reveals sexual abuse by father

A 9-year-old girl’s curiosity and internet search has landed her father in jail on charges of sexual abuse. The girl is a student at Elm Creek Elementary in San Antonio, Texas and was caught by a teacher looking up porn sites on a school iPad. When questioned by the teacher, she allegedly stated she was […]

Judge rules ‘madly in love’ mother and son will face incest charges  

A New Mexico mother has been ordered to stand trial for incest after a state judge refused to dismiss charges. Monica Mares, 36, had not seen her son Caleb Peterson, 19, since he was an infant. Mares was 16 when she gave up her son for adoption. Mares made contact with her son through Facebook […]

Teen girl raped by brother almost bled to death after family forced abortion

A teenage girl, 14, who was raped by her brother nearly bled to death after being beaten by family members who caused an abortion The girl’s sister, who was 12 at the time, testified about the horrific incident before a jury in Dallas. According to the Dallas Morning News, the 12-year-old girl was forced by their aunt, […]

Married lesbian mom and daughter arrested for incest

A Duncan, Oklahoma mother, who was previously married to her son, has now been arrested for a lesbian marriage to her daughter. Patricia Spann, 43, and Misty Spann, 25, were legally married in March 2016 in Comanche County, Oklahoma. The mother and daughter ‘s relationship was discovered by the Department of Human Services in August […]

Disturbing details of incest and killing of special needs student by parents

On February 10, 2016 authorities responded to a house fire in Lubbock, Texas and found the body of Holli Jeffcoat, 18. The young girl was a special needs student who had the mental capacity of 7-year-old and upon further investigation of the fire and her death, disturbing details have emerged. An autopsy found that the […]

Police officer jailed for allegedly raping 15-year-old relative

A former police officer in Emmett Township, Michigan, faces jail time for allegedly raping his teenage niece and giving her an STD. According to Fox 17, Troy Estree, 46, began a sexual relationship with his niece in May 2014. He would invite the 15-year-old girl to his home, which he shared his wife and kids, […]

Playground rape where father ran away leaving daughter turning bizarre

There have been several new developments in the playground rape of a woman by a group of teenagers. According to media and law enforcement, the unidentified victim was drinking alcohol in a Brooklyn playground with her father late one night. It was then that a group of five Black teens confronted the pair, pulled a […]

Father with 12 children by 2 women beats, starves, rapes family

A disturbing tale of cults, rape, incest and beatings has come out of Seattle. Police have arrested Melford Warren Jr., 43,  for horrific crimes of sexual violence against his own children. Last week Warren was arrested on charges that included child rape and abuse against the 12 children he fathered by two different women. The […]

Daughter who lost virginity to father plans to marry him

For many girls finding the right man is tough, especially when you do not have a father influence in your home. So, imagine the joy one 17-year-old girl from Great Lakes, New York had when she was able to find her estranged father after 12 years. The reunion of the pair was a happy occasion, […]

Father does the unspeakable to stepdaughter’s fresh corpse

Jessica Padgett, 33, of Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, loved her stepfather, Gregory R. Graf, 53, so deeply she called him a second father. But according to Graf’s own admission he had improper feelings for Padgett. So on Nov. 21 he shot his stepdaughter in the head so he could have sex with her dead body. Not […]

Father and daughter cult members and lovers starve and abuse children

A twisted tale of abuse, neglect, incest and starvation ended this week with the death of an infant and the rescue of a missing woman. Calvin McIntosh, 44, took his 15-month-old infant daughter to the hospital this past week. The child was dead on arrival according to the hospital. Upon examining the body of the child, […]

Woman impregnated 5 times by infamous father receives $10,000 grant for college

Aziza Kibibi endured years of torment by the man who should have protected her from harm. According to reports by New York Daily News, Kibibi  was molested by her father, Aswad Ayinde, from the age of 8 until she was 23-years-old. Five pregnancies occurred due to the sexually abuse; one child died due to a […]

Nick Gordon Denies Incest Rumors With Bobbi Kristina

Bobbi Kristina and her fiancé, Nick Gordon, have become one of Hollywood’s most-watched couples as the world continues to talk about their transition from so-called siblings to recently engaged lovers. But, during the series premiere of their new reality series, “The Houstons: On Our Own.” As most know, late singer Whitney Houston informally adopted Gordon […]

Stevie Wonder at Center of Incest, Extortion Plot

Stevie Wonder is one of the music industry’s most respected names, but thanks to a recent criminal plot involving a man claiming to be the product of an incestuous relationship between Wonder and his sister, the music legend almost became an industry villain. According to TMZ, a man named Alpha Lorenzo Walker attempted to extort […]

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