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Disturbing charge added to Atlanta Falcons reject caught molesting girl

Justin Crawford (Image source: Muscogee County Jail)

Prosecutors say former Atlanta Falcons running back Justin Crawford, 23, who was arrested this past weekend by police in Columbus, Georgia, after his wife busted him in a comprising position with a 12-year-old girl, will face an additional charge of incest after new disturbing details have come to light in his case.

Crawford was arrested on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, after it was discovered he had sex with a 12-year-old girl in his home. A Muscogee County judge found there was probable cause to charge him with aggravated child molestation, sodomy and enticing a child for indecent purposes. The judge further ordered that he be held without bond.

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, Crawford was also charged with incest after police determined that the 12-year-old is a member of his own family.

As rolling out previously reported, when detectives initially questioned Crawford about his actions, he first denied any type of sex had occurred. But then under further interrogation, he stated that he did have sex with the girl but it was her idea.

The disturbing case stems from an incident that happened Saturday, Oct. 13, when Crawford’s wife, Chakeya Crawford, awoke around 5 a.m. and entered her living room. She told police she saw her husband standing over a 12-year-old girl with his penis exposed. When he saw his wife, he ran from the room into the kitchen.

According to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, when Chakeya Crawford questioned her husband about what she saw, he reportedly told her, “You scared me. That’s why I ran,” and insisted that there was nothing going on with him and the child.

However, when the victim’s mother heard about the situation from Crawford’s wife, she took her the daughter to the hospital, where a rape kit was completed and police were called.

According to Georgia law, a person convicted of incest “shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than 10 nor more than 30 years.” But in Crawford’s case, since his relative was 12, he faces a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 50 years on the incest charge alone.

Crawford also received another blow when a pending contract was canceled. He was supposed to sign with the American Football League, but now that organization has dropped its offer.