Celebrity Women We Love, But Who Cannot Act

With Rihanna becoming a thespian with the release of Battleship, Hollywood has possibly claimed another victim.

The streets of Southern Cal are littered with the battered egos of celebrity women who thought they could make the transition from music or sports into the acting arena. And then there are those actors who never really developed their craft like we thought they would.

The reviews of RiRi’s performance are mixed at best, but obviously whatever she brought is considered good enough since she is being cast in the Fast and the Furious 13, or whatever number they are at now. Still some celebrity women that have attained icon status in one artistic arena have made awkward entrances onto the movie set, stumbling through movies only because they were already famous.

Below are some of the A-list celebrity women who have scaled to the pinnacle of their profession and should have stayed there because their performances on the big screen is painful and embarrassing to witness.

terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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