Beyoncé defends Mathew Knowles in baby mama drama

Coincidence? We don’t think so. Just last week Mathew Knowles’ former jump off, Alexsandra Wright, was captured on camera crying in front of her boxes and son Nixon because she was evicted from her home — blaming Knowles’ flagrant delinquency on child support payments as the reason. During the imbroglio, Wright subtly sought Beyoncé to throw her […]

Beyoncé crops Kelly Rowland out of Aaliyah photo and Twitter rages

Beyonce paid homage to the late, beloved singer Aaliyah, who would have turned 35 on Jan. 16 — but she faded former bandmate Kelly Rowland in the process, if you believe many Twitter respondents. The silky, sexy singer was killed in a tragic plane crash in 2011, about one month before the terrorist attacks on […]

Funniest memes about Beyoncé’s surprise album

As one Beyonce fan summed up best, Beyoncé did’t spend a single dime or moment marketing her secret album, knowing full well that her legion of fans would do it for her. And they did so with blissful abandon. Mrs. Shawn Carter sent shockwaves reverberating around the globe when, contrary to all musical convention, she […]

Beyoncé tells why she dropped album with no promotion

Beyoncé has become discontented with the amount of noise that comes in between an artist and the music and the fans. In an interview she reminisces fondly about the time when the dissemination of music to fans was different, when production of albums and videos were major events that would stand the test of time, […]

Beyoncé photobombs concert fan in Australia

There’s nothing better than seeing Beyonce live in concert in all her pop goddess glory. Except when the royal queen of music photobombs a concert fan. That said photo is making the rounds today, in which one lucky concert-goer clicked at just the right moment. HuffPost traced it back to a 15-year-old dancer from Australia who, […]

Beyonce’s innovative selfie to end selfies

Beyonce has become a serial social media “selfie” poster. Beyonce to added a brilliant spin on celebrity selfies on social media to add to her lengthy repertoire, but this time she chose Instagram instead of her normal Tumblr account. The pop goddess posted a very clever, some may even say meta, photo to her Instagram […]

Beyoncé unveils official 2014 calendar

Queen Bey is flossing her toned body in a titillating set of photos released to the public as teaser for her official 2014 calendar. Just in time for the holiday season, Beyonce is at her post-baby bootylicious best, highlighting her curls, curves and cleavage in multiple form-fitting outfits in a 12-month calendar. 

Beyoncé yanked into crowd during performance (video)

The usual hysteria surrounding Beyoncé is actually amplified substantially when she takes her must-see concerts overseas. Case in point: a crazed fan in Brazil actually pulled Beyoncé into the crowd during her performance of the smash lady anthem “Irreplaceable.” Beyoncé was shaking hands with the shrieking fans when one actually grabbed hold of her and […]

Funniest memes of Jay Z diving during vacation in Italy

An ordinary vacation dive into the waters off the coast of Italy by the world’s most famous rapper has turned into a major social media event. Jay Z, who is married to arguably the world’s most popular and respected pop star in Beyonce, launched a sports agency that already has Kevin Durant and WNBA’s Skylar […]

Jay-Z blasts Lil Wayne for talking about kidnapping his wife Beyoncé in song

A new rap beef has erupted as Jay-Z slammed Lil Wayne for threatening to kidnap his wife Beyonce in the 2011 track “It’s Good” from his Tha Carter IV albums. Hov unleashed his wrath on the diminutive head of Young Money on the track “La Familia,” the latest lyrics to be released via the rapper’s […]

Beyoncé has more unflattering photos released

Remember when Beyonce’s camp lost their minds when unflattering photos of her Super Bowl halftime performance were published? Well, welcome to Beyonce-Gate, Part II. Beyonce now prohibits photojournalists from taking photos during her concert, opting to hire her own photographer who then supplies the best pictures to the media. But somehow an Italian paparazzo managed […]

Ridiculous Twitter responses to Blue Ivy’s hair

WASHINGTON — I turned the corner near the White House on 14th Street on April 27 when I got a glimpse of Gabrielle Douglas, the London Olympics gymnastics hero, as the history-maker presumably made her way up to the White House Correspondents Dinner at the Washington Hilton in the District’s northwest side. “Thank God she […]

Shocking video: Beyoncé slapped, hair pulled in Serbia

Queen Bey is so adored by her fanatical foreign fans that they got real extra when she unwisely waded into the audience to be closer to them. Beyoncé, 32, had a bodyguard on her flank, but to no avail. One overzealous fan raised his hand high and came down hard on Beyoncé’s crown her while […]

Harsh Twitter comments about Beyoncé’s Blue Ivy; Ouch!

We thought that all the hate on Beyonce’s adorable flower of a daughter Blue Ivy had ceased once Queen Bey’s HBO documentary, “Life is But a Dream,” had aired and the public had a chance to consume images of Blue Ivy’s visage. But weeds have sprouted around this blossoming child. Haters from afar have thrown […]

Which celebrity leads Social 50 Chart?

How do you determine just who is the most sought after star in entertainment today? Thanks to a tool called Social 50 Chart, we are able to find out. Using the combined number of clicks and followers on social media platforms ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and YouTube, Billboard magazine says, we are […]

2013 Grammy Awards: The best, the worst and shame-on-you outfits

The Grammy Awards is one of the world’s largest and greatest platforms to showcase the latest — or boldest or most ridiculous, depending on your opinion — in fashion and apparel. Many artists routinely astound with their tailored suits and wearing the designs of first-class, world-renowned fashionistas. Others’ outfits amount to pure eye pollution; they […]

Beyoncé’s other photos she’d love to take off the Internet

Beyonce created a small dust storm when her camp asked a media outlet to take down several unflattering photos that the publication had posted in honor of her great Super Bowl appearance. When you are an intense and passionate stage performer as Beyonce is, you cannot help but make an occasional funny face. But, if […]

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl photos she doesn’t want you to see

Beyonce wants certain photos from her Super Bowl performance yanked off the Internet — as in quick, fast and in a hurry. Beyonce’s camp was apparently distressed when published “The Fiercest Moments from Beyonce’s Halftime Show,” and asked that they take down certain photos from the story. “Thanks for taking my call,” the email […]

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