Usher Claims Ex-Wife Assaulted and Spit on His Girlfriend


Usher in court

Usher revealed some of the ongoing drama he’s dealing when it comes to his ex-wife, Tameka Foster. While in court for their child custody trial, Usher discussed how Foster became enraged after he arrived at her home with his new girlfriend.

During his testimony, Usher claimed that Foster walked to his car and confronted his new girlfriend saying, “I’m gonna kick your a–. B—- get out of the car. How dare you bring this woman into my subdivision in my house.”

He also said that she pulled the passenger’s side door open and attempted to hit his girlfriend and eventually spit on her. Usher attempted to calm Tameka down and she hit him. Usher returned to his car and Foster threw a plate of food at his car as he sped away.

It appears that Usher and Foster’s court battle will get uglier before it all comes to an end.

Share your thoughts. Was Usher wrong for bringing his new girlfriend to Tameka Foster’s home, or did Tameka overreact?

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A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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    1. And Tameks does?? No woman deserves to go through what she is, from the beginning she had issues withthe Mom and now he is sleeping with her so called friends who were actually in the wedding… And he gets the sympathy…I think not !! Leave to a woman to try and justify his madness, and show sympathy.. Where is the sisterhood??

  1. There are obviously a lot of bad men out here in this world, but there is for sure a lot terrible women in this world and Tameka Foster is one of them. Usher has made a lot of mistakes in his life dealing with women that he is learning from. I am proud of him, and proud of how he is handling the situation. The problem is, he keeps giving his hear to women who care nothing about him and are only in his life for one reason only. I am feel so bad for him because I know damn well with the way he was raised, that he is a wonderful daddy, and she is doing all she can to depict him as some monster. I don’t care if he did bring the girlfriend by, she has no right to put her hands on anyone, let alone spit on them which is extremely nasty and un-lady like. My Aunt always told me as a little girl that when I become a woman to remember that a man may spot a Queen, until she opens her mouth. What she meant was this, if a man has spotted a Queen, and she speaks and it matches what he see’s, if she doesn’t want to be involved then gracefully and quietly walk away. If that Prince want’s you, he will pursue you until you give in.

    But if that Queen opens her mouth and what comes out does not match what he see’s then he will just as well look for another. My point is this, her behavior is deplorable and secondly, suppose they were out together and he had to stop and pick-up his children from her, and then be on his way to their little outting, then all she had to do was ask him not to bring anyone with him when he picks up the boys, and just give him the explanation that she is jealous. He could then make other arrangements to pick the children up first, then pick up his date. She and her representation that he pays for, are using his life and mistakes against him. He can’t go overseas, he can’t do anything and then they accuse him of being a bad parent. A lot of women use whatever means they can to dog good men out, and this is why our black men wont marry us. I am almost certain, that there are some bad deeds of hers that have yet to be dug up, because he and his representation are not being childish and they are not looking for her indiscretions, nor are they trying to dig any up. As LaTisha Cowan said, I feel very bad for him because he does deserve any of this. As a young girl who just graduated from College, she sets the wrong example for young women like me. I hope I am not speaking out of turn (To: Mr. Usher T. Raymond and his family), but I had to state the obvious truths. When I go on my 40 day consecration, I am going to pray and ask God to hold his hand, forgive him for his short comings and help him by walking him through this, and to put the angel before him that he wants him to be with for the rest of his life, that he would never run into a horrible specimen of a woman such as Tameka Foster ever again.

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