Funeral Held for ‘Miami Zombie’: Face-Eating Man Laid to Rest

Rudy Eugene in an undated mugshot

The man known as the “Miami Zombie” was buried on Saturday, June 9, 2012, according to CBS News. Rudy Eugene, 31, was remembered by friends and family during the funeral services in Miami.

About 150 people attended Eugene’s funeral, reported the Miami Herald. Friends and family shared memories of a kind and caring man, though people across the country now know the deceased better as the “Miami Zombie.”

Police say Eugene bit off another man’s face during a vicious incident on Memorial Day weekend. A story about the attack made headlines around the world. During the incident, it is said that Eugene began attacking a homeless man on McArthur Causeway in Miami, ripping off the man’s clothes and tearing the skin from his face. To stop the attack, police shot and killed Eugene.

According to the Miami Herald, an autopsy showed Eugene had no human flesh in his stomach, though it did contain undigested pills. There was also marijuana in Eugene’s system, though pot is not known for sparking violence.

Officials have speculated that a synthetic drug called bath salts may have been a part of the attack, but that has not yet been proven.

Ronald Poppo, the man who was attacked, remains in the hospital. Most of his face, including one eye, is gone. Skin grafts have been performed to help repair the damage.

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