Celebrities Waiting to Walk Down the Isle

Ravishing raven and new mom Nia Long admits in a blunt confessional to Essence magazine that she is totally turned off by the prospects of marriage at this point in her life. ‘Im good’ is basically the gist of her talk with the women’s magazine. It was a strategic interview, because it enables the Big Momma’s House and Love Jones star to channel a little Boyz N the Hood and tell her fans in a subtle and classy way to fall back from her personal life.

“Marriage is not a priority for me. I’m not saying I’ll never do it; It’s just not where we are as a family,” said Long, 41. (I’ve) never seen a marriage work.”

She goes on say that “I’ll be at home with my man, having a perfectly loving time, and I’ll see all these comments on some site about how wrong I am for not being married,” she says. “I don’t feel less loved or less loving because I’m not married.”

So she’s chilling out for now and into the foreseeable future. In other words, Ms. Long does not wear a saddle on her back so you are not going to ride her about the topic. We don’t know how her boo, former NBA player Ima Udoka, feels about it, but at some point you’d think he would want to nail that down. We’re just saying.

That got us to thinking: what other quasi and real celebrities are out there awaiting to get those nuptials popping? These are the (very) patient celebs waiting to walk down the isle.

— terry shropshire

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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