National Fried Chicken Day: The 10 Best Fried Chicken Restaurants in America



The Best Fried Chicken in the Country

Dietitians probably won’t admit it, neither will personal trainers, healthcare professionals or others adamant about the benefits of a healthy low fat lifestyle, but on today’s National Fried Chicken’ holiday, we can make this simple statement; fried chicken is delicious. The traditional southern cuisine that can involve hot grease, an array of seasonings, flour, and of course —chicken, is available in virtually every city thanks to any number of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food chains. And while convenient, the popular drive-through destination, doesn’t boast the best tasting bird by far. Food website ‘The Daily Meal’ called on a number of taste testers from all 50 states to weigh in on who does fried chicken the most justice. The end result was a list of the 10 best places to get your fried chicken fix in the U.S.

Check out the top 10 in no particular order below.– danielle canada

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