Many people have gotten Dr. William Henry Cosby Jr. twisted.

Bill Cosby is no joke. Actually, what he stands for, what he speaks out against and what his life’s motto has always been is far from funny. He is a man whose comedic brilliance was simply a national platform to enable him to promote his devotion to education as the best way to escape intergenerational impoverishment.

Cosby, a legendary comedian who launched one of the greatest sitcoms in American history, may tickle your funny bone, but he does not suffer fools lightly and he takes no prisoners when he is advocating for self-accountability and responsibility to one another. and helps rolling out take stroll back through the amazing life of a transcendent, iconic American superstar.

Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.