Fat Joe Shows Off 100-Pound Weight Loss in Video With Kanye West, Miguel






‘Skinny Joe’ Shoots New Video

A rapper whose recent slim down made headlines is back with a new video. Fat Joe, or “Skinny Joe” as several of his fans call him, recently shot a video for his single “Pride N Joy” alongside Kanye West, Busta Rhymes Jadakiss and Miguel. In the Hype Williams-produced video, Joe shows off his 100-pound weight loss, this time in designer garb and diamonds. Back in June, Joe credited his transformation to portion control and a strict exercise regimen after he noted that six of his friends passed away after having heart attacks. And while he’s no doubt proud to have a handle on his health, the rapper is still staying focused on his one true passion; music. “I’m inspired by legacy and pushing the envelope forward,” said Joe on set. “To be called an icon; to be appreciated for my contribution to hip-hop; that is all I want.”

Also on hand for the shoot was Nuvo, the sparkling liquer brand that was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access. Photographer Mel D. Cole took some candid shots of Joe and rap’s biggest titans.

Check them out below. –danielle canada

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