Karlie Redd Releases Debut Single, ‘Louie, Prada, Gucci’ Feat. Maino


Karlie Redd Releases ‘Louie, Prada, Gucci’

If you thought Karlie Redd was joking when she jigged across stage while singing a poorly written song, then you apparently thought very wrong. Redd of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is seriously embarking on a music career and attempting to break into R&B with her new single. The self-proclaimed Cash Money affiliate has released her debut song, “Louie, Prada, Gucci,” and surprisingly found someone to join her on the track. Lil Kim’s ex-boyfriend, Maino, closes out the song with a rap.

Karlie’s music isn’t being too well received however, and one of her reality show cast mates recently slammed her in a radio interview.

“Karlie Redd is all right with me, she’s funny [and] she’s a cool girl. I’m never a hater but I don’t know what the hell Stevie J was thinking talking about doing a song with this thing [Karlie],” remarked Joseline Hernandez this week.  “I don’t even know what she was saying. Gucci , Louie, Prada … anybody can do that.”

Listen to “Louie, Prada, Gucci” below. Is Joseline right?  –danielle canada 

  1. Louie, Prada, Gucci???
    How much more corporate, brand-of-the-moment, kiss ass can you get?
    I thought we were through with this after ‘Pass the Courvossier’

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