Celebs React to Chris Lighty’s Passing


Celebs Say Goodbye To Chris Lighty 

The Hip-Hop world is reeling today with news that super manager Chris Lighty passed away at just 44-years-old in his New York city apartment. As previously reported the Violator management founder responsible for the careers of Diddy, Mariah Carey, Nas and 50 Cent was confirmed dead today by multiple sources. The New York Daily News reports that Lighty’s body was found inside his Bronx apartment with an apparent gunshot wound to his head and a gun nearby. Law enforcement officials tell the paper that Lighty may have been dealing with financial issues and reportedly owed $5 million to the IRS.

Since news of Lighty’s passing spread, social media has been flooded with celebs sending condolences to his loved ones including Rihanana, Big Boi of Outkast and several of the Violator rep’s close friends. Check out some celebrity reactions to his tragic passing.

Our condolences to the family and friends of the exec. -danielle canada

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  1. This week had its highlights, but the sudden death of #chrislighty was definitely a lowlight for me. Suicide or not, death is never easy especially when a person such as Chris had contributed so much to our culture and our everyday lives. His passing just goes to show that no matter who you are, what you have, nor the good things you’ve done, it doesn’t make a person happy. Money, power, and success is nothing without the love of self. When you love yourself, the strength to live and fight another day is stronger than the toughest army. Things may get you down, but nothing will keep you down. And to me, unless foulplay was involved, there was an obvious lapse of self love here. 🙁

    So I say, if the tragic end of a 43 year old hip-hop legend (Chris Lighty) does nothing else, I hope it teaches you the value of self worth. And not in dollars, but in sense. The depths of suicide is a lonely place and he will be missed. Sadly, he’ll never know in life just how much he meant and to so many. May God have mercy on his soul and may he find the peace he was looking for in the heavens above.

    With that being said, I suggest we take a moment to recognize the legacy Chris Lighty leaves behind and a second to put our own lives into proper perspective. All that glitters ain’t gold unless the glitz resides within. #ripchris

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