It’s no secret that “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez was once a stripper and has no qualms about taking her clothes off for the camera or Twitter. And during an interview with internet personality Funky Dineva, the former pole dancer spoke candidly about her stripper days and explained that she has no regrets about her dancing days.

After leaving the stage of the recent “LAHHA” reunion special, Hernandez sat down with Dineva and dished on everything about the show. And when she discussed her stripper days, Hernandez explained that it was easy for her to take home five figures on an average night at the Miami strip club Diamonds.

“I have never let a man dig all up in my kitty cat, honey! I was a classic stripper. The top-of-the-line stripper,” Joseline explained. “Guys didn’t even touch me, honey! I use to be on stage, and make $10,000 in three songs.”

And though many have called Hernandez a, ahem, “wh—e,” she explains that Stevie is one of the few men she’s ever slept with.

“I was the baddest b—ch and I’m still the baddest b—ch and will forever be the baddest b—ch. Cause that’s what I do!” Joseline asserted. “I’m real stingy with my kitty kat. I only gave it to a few of them. Stevie J was just the lucky one.”

Oh look, another Hernandez moment that has left us speechless and shaking our heads.

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