Celebrities Known to Have Herpes, Part 2

Dennis Rodman in all of his … umm … glory

The thing about herpes and any sexually transmitted diseases is that all sexually active people, including celebrities (and maybe especially the rich and famous because of the availability of willing partners), are capable of contracting and spreading the disease. And, depending on which one you contract, you may never be able to rid yourself of the ailment, which is why there are a multiplicity of advisories admonishing the public to practice safe sex.

This compilation of athletes and entertainers with reported or alleged herpes includes detailed reports of admitted celebrity carriers and others who were supposedly “outed” by ex-lovers, disgruntled former friends during lawsuits, opportunistic acquaintances looking to use their famous friends’ secrets as currency to come up, and, of course, the ever-vigilant (and often intrusive) news media.

The list of celebs with genital herpes was procured from published sources and media outlets. These sources are responsible for the authenticity of their reports. You can draw your own conclusions.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

I'm a lover of words, pictures, people and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A true journalist from the soul.

  1. My God, we have sunk to a new low!! Isn’t there anything private in America any more. If someone has this virus it should be discussion between that person and their partner. It shouldn’t be plastered across the blogisphere for everyone to comment on. Isn’t anything private any more?

    1. Well, apparently that is one the big issues about this list. Some of these folks have even been sued because of what should have been between them and their partner was not disclosed by the one party. There’s a lot of “they didn’t tell me they had the virus prior to” going on here.

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