Top Reasons ‘American Idol’ is Banking on Nicki Minaj

“American Idol’s” decision to add Nicki Minaj to their panel of judges may have just been the smartest move that the FOX series has ever made. After a stellar year in ratings perpetuated largely by the career resurrection of Jennifer Lopez, “Idol” producers found themselves scrambling after she announced in July that she would not be returning. On top of that, Aeorosmith star Steven Tyler departed as well, leaving two open seats and Randy Jackson virtually high and dry. On Monday, Sept. 17, it was officially announced that Nicki Minaj would be joining the “Idol” cast and the slow hum around the program has already increased to a steady buzz.

So why did they decide to bring the Young Money wildcard to the “Idol” judging table? Here are a few  reasons we think she was brought on board. -danielle canada