Bledsoe Blasted for Bleaching

A black actress known for her portrayal of Vanessa Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” has been blasted this week for reportedly bleaching her skin. Tempestt Bledsoe, who’s starring alongside Anthony Anderson in the NBC sitcom “Guys With Kids” was spotted on a red carpet last weekend posing for photographers. A popular gossip site soon speculated that the heavily made-up actress was yet another starlet who’d taken to skin lightening. The website claimed to have gotten its hands on “odd looking” pictures of the actress and remarked,”She looks a lot different than we imagined!”

Since the article was published, however, fans have taken to comment sections on various forums to defend the actress. “Stop trying to capitalize on people’s health conditions, it’s messed up!” wrote one user.

“Y’all wanna accuse everyone of bleaching to try and be white,” they added. Others simply contended that she was wearing the wrong shade of foundation.

“I think she just has makeup on that is many many shades to light for her natural complexion,” said a fan online.

Many fans also noted that the actress has a large birthmark on her arm and speculated that it could be the skin condition vitiligo. Vitiligo of course causes depigmentation of large sections of skin and was made prominent by the late Michael Jacskon. Bledsoe has yet to address this week’s bleaching claims.

Before these recent lightening accusations however, Bledsoe did speak on her skin in the form of a commercial about  the dangers of skin cancer. Joined by Megan McCain, Brandy, Tatyan Ali and a number of other stars, the actress posed nude and cheekily encouraged viewers to protect themselves with sunscreen. “I played tennis [naked], said Bledsoe. The ad noted that 20 people die a day from the disease.

In 2011 similar skin lightening claims plagued Bledsoe after she appeared on a red carpet with her boyfriend of nearly 20 years, Darryl Bell, with a similar look.


While Bledsoe is the latest celeb to be “outed” by media with bleaching claims, she’s certainly not the first. Check out  a few more celebs who’ve faced similar criticism below. -danielle canada

  • Likewaterforchocolate

    I don’t know if I would go so far as to accuse her of bleaching her skin that looking at the photo and noticing that her makeup is simply the wrong shade.

  • Ardna

    It looks like she has bleached her skin. Not just a different shade of foundation. At this age, she should know which foundation, works with her complexion. Tempesst, be proud of your blackness and stop bleaching!

    • Likewaterforchocolate

      As someone who has followed her interviews (inlcuind her details on Hollywood not accepting her natural hair), Tempestt does not seem like the type of person who would bleach her skin. Also, who bleaches the skin on their faces adn not the rest of their bodies? Clearly, her face isa lighter than the rest of her body, so I would say that it is bad makeup and lighting. And how do you know that she did her own makeup for this red carpet event?

  • MsMUA

    There is a new trend in foundation, called ‘HD’….which is to be used if you are going to be filmed. However, it does NOT flatter, when ‘flash photos’ are taken. I do believe that is what she’s wearing…but it is also a few shades too light for her.

  • abaliz

    Bleaching or an attempt to cover up and even-out her skin tone?. Notice the skin discoloration on her right arm-above and below the elbow. Does she have a form of vitiligo?

  • DeeRich

    You could see that something is wrong with her skin. Leave the girl alone. She’s trying to deal with her skin condition the best way she can. By looking at her arms, you could see she has a skin condition!

  • Jessica Lucinda Williams

    looks like bad make-up, not skin bleaching. why would she stop at her face?

  • Angela Jackson-Williams

    I think that with Tempestt it is simply the wrong shade of makeup. I also viewed the photos of the other celebrities on the slide show. I don’t think that any of them have been bleaching. It is probably the lighting or makeup issues with them also. There are many possibilities that could make pictures of people look differently. Come on people can also get tanned (darker) from sun exposure. I think that’s the case with the pics of Beonce’ and Rhianna.

  • HTown Psych

    The Beyonce and Rihanna pics are obviously the result of lighting, makeup, and tans. Trina and Lark are obviously issues where SOMETHING was done. Tempest could be a skin condition.

  • lauren

    Girl Please! love your skin color