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Meagan Good again accused of bleaching her skin (photos)

Actress Meagan Good (Photo: Instagram – @meagangood)

Stunning actress Meagan Good is once again being pelted with accusations that she has lightened her skin after she reportedly looked much lighter during a red carpet appearance this past week.

The 38-year-old Intruder and Think Like a Man star is being accused by several blog personalities and multiple fans of purposely bleaching her skin after she appeared at the Black & Blue premiere in Los Angeles.

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#MeaganGood has made the headlines this week for being Megan BAD. She arrived to a movie premiere appearing strikingly light skin. This is very sad that she has fell victim to the pressures of colorism in this world especially in the entertainment industry. 👣FOLLOW @statueofsociety FOR MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS👣 . . . . . . . . #colorism #tvshows #myblackisbeautiful #blackpride #blackhollywood #actresses #boxoffice #blackwomenrock #wakanda #redcarpetfashion #darkskingirls #redcarpetready #pastor #lightskingirls #melaninmajic #blackpower #browngirls

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Furthermore, the very photogenic Good was told by multiple fans on her Instagram page, which boasts six million fans, that they were disappointed with her decision to chemically alter her skin.

These are some of the comments that came under this Instagram video she posted recently.

“I came to your page just to see if OTHERS were mistaken, you had a few lighting errors with your pics and OH MY GOODNESS😢😱 NON OF THE ABOVE! You really are bleaching your skin🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ so sad! SO VERY DISAPPOINTING ☹️ I feel sorry for you🙏🏾.”

“Je suis choqué 😱 why You whitening your skin ??!!”

“Why the skin 😾.”

“God made black why fo you won’t accept.. ? Craziness.”

“Wowww I really bleached ya skin that’s crazy🙄 smh.”

“Soooo what you been using on ya skin cuz you deff light skinned now sis 🤨.”

“When a african american bleaches their skin its their choice ofc but in my personal opinion dont be a hippocrit and say oh i love my skin and turn around and do this s— she looks grey and ashey smh this just proves that people dont love themselfs (sic) stop trying to be someone ur not and love yourself for who u are❤️.”

Flip the page to find out what Good had to say about this matter on a previous occasion:

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