Tyler Perry Donates Van to Disabled Woman

Tyler Perry Gives Van to Woman in Need 

Tyler Perry is often heralded for being a philanthropist and good Samaritan, so it’s no surprise that that the playwright, actor and director is once again lending a helping hand. Perry, 43, recently reached out to an Atlanta family after hearing the story of a disabled woman whose specially equipped minivan was stolen from her DeKalb County home. Channel 2 Action News reports that Alicia Day was the victim of motor vehicle theft Sunday when her car was taken out of her driveway. Day, who has cerebral palsy, prides herself on being independent and drove it daily to her job at Home Depot where she works as a greeter. After seeing Day’s story, an obviously moved Perry called the station to help.

Alicia Day

“My mouth just dropped to the floor when I heard his voice,” Day said about her reaction to Perry’s call.” Her father, who answered the phone was also said to be taken aback by the call. He said, “Excuse me, who do you want to talk to? Who is this now?’ ” Day’s mother said. After the family came to grips with the conversation, Perry offered to replace the $60,000 vehicle free of charge. Day would later be treated to $5,000 from her co-workers who rallied together to help cover her medical expenses. Perry met Day’s parents at a dealership where they selected a silver 2011 Volkswagon Amerivan.

Before coming to Day’s aid, Perry made headlines when he donated $98,000 to a pastor who spent months occupying a Chicago rooftop in an anti-violence protest. The pastor was $48,000 short of his goal before Perry’s donation. Before that, Perry aided 65 Pennsylvania children who had been racially profiled at a swim club. The playwright sent the kids to Disney World. –danielle canada



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