Here Come the Grooms: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Brothers Marry (Video)

In what is by far the most posh wedding extravaganza among black gay men, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. brothers Robert Brown and Nathaneal Gay reportedly married on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012, in Kentucky. The crimson-and-creme (official Fraternity colors) themed ceremony was complete with American Beauty roses, sweethearts (aka bridesmaids, but groomsmaids in this case), a horse-drawn carriage and the couple’s dogs in tuxes, and a young gentleman carrying a sign that reads: “Here Come the Grooms.” –yvette caslin

Check out the video for yourself by clicking continue. It’s a photo gallery with Jennifer Hudson’s “If This Isn’t Love” playing in the background as the sound track.

Kappa Alpha Psi Gay Marriage: The Positive Reactions

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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    1. If I went to a local videographer who had a bookshelf full of “Beautiful Wedding Videos” but then he told you that 60% of these people are now divorced and unhappy after 15 years would the “BEAUTIFUL VIDEO” be the key component in your analysis, still?

      1. I would tend to agree with DIsgusted. It’s one thing to get married as a same sex couple, which is a personal decision, but to represent your organization by adopting its colors into your theme is quite disrespectful to an organization that was founded on christian principles. If disgusted is a Kappa, he has every right to be disgusted.

  1. this is my wedding and this article is SO WRONG. I’m the only Kappa in my marriage… My wedding has no relationship to Kappa AT ALL>>>> don’t believe everything you read.. craziness.. rollingout .. u could have at least contacted me before publishing theses lies

    1. Thank you for setting the record straight. Also, I do want to commend the both of you for following your hearts. Close your ears to what negative people have to say about your love. You know it has nothing to do with K-A-Psi! And that is all that matters.
      In Greek Unity

  2. I by no means have an issue with anyone getting married and that includes two men or two women. Personal levels of comfort should not be a determination in ones ability to profess their love for another at the highest level (i.e. marriage).

    My issues comes when you wrap that love in the tradition of Kappa Alpha Psi. Had these two brothers simply got married and invited Kappas to the wedding I would have been like cool. Two brothers got married and one happens to be a Kappa. However, to make your wedding a Kappa wedding per se is the equivalent to a brother wearing a Kappa Hat, Kappa Shirt, Kappa Socks, Kappa Kane hanging out his back pocket and shooting the yo while posing for a picture simply over the top. What this wedding is indicative of to me is the over the top society we have become that says HEY YALL SEE ME!!!!

    It just so happens the SEE ME is now inclusive of thousands of brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi who are now answering questions not about the fraternity and our commitment to achievement, but one lone brothers selfish act of grandeur for the world to see he is finally married.

    1. “Thousands of brothers answering questions” for the act of one? There are lots of Kappas (and Alphas) who are gay. This guy is NOT the only one. I know some personally. So, it is nothing new amongst these fraternities. I think the outrage here lies in the fact that it has been publicized.

    2. Dr Cohen:

      What if we shift the “Societal Mandate” from “Personal Levels Of Comfort” over to FOUNDATIONS OF SOCIETAL ORDER?

      Here is my prime argument – The very same people who argue for “Gay Marriage” because “Gay People are being DENIED access to the BENEFITS OF MARRIAGE” are often people who are INCOMPETENT in compelling the far, far, far, far, far larger population subset of UNMARRIED HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES that are “going through the motions of marriage” but whom never “retrieve the GOLD off of the table”, by getting married and consuming the privileges.

      Why should I entrust the “societal engineering” that you, I and others will bathe in – to a BODY OF THOUGH who can’t bring itself to field an ORDER OF CONSCIOUSNESS upon the larger group of consenting adults from which most, regardless of ideology, believe that most of the problems with your young people and our community are rooted in?

  3. This wedding is such a disgrace…how can a man call another man his husband…can’t you all see how sick and convoluted you guys are…you are a disgrace to humanity and society…

    1. The same as you call another woman your wife!Don’t be so fricking judgemental.These brave men should be commended for being educated, employed, and not being a menace to society

  4. So the rumors are tru about this frat. Its for brothas on the DL. Suddenly I understand why they use a “blue dolphin” as a secret symbol. Unlike the rainbow it is a gay icon. FYI, so is a bear paw print & a rooster aka a cock!

  5. unnatural, abnormal, perverted & going against the will of God! nothing “beautiful” about 2 MEN kissing each other & their “marriage” may be recognized by man but it is NOT acknowledge by God as being anything other than a disgraceful shameful WRONG marriage is a sacred covenant between one man & one woman ONLY everything else is a perversion

    1. God is love; a book written 3000 years ago and retranslated and retranslated and edited and edited is not my touchstone for the will of God – God speaks to us in our hearts, and love between two consenting committed adults is always something to be respected and celebrated.

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