Teen brothers Dante Robinson, 17, and Justin Robinson, 15, have been accused of killing a missing New Jersey girl for BMX bike parts. Autumn Pasquale, 12, was last seen on Saturday, Oct. 20 riding her BMX bicycle in Gloucester County Clayton, N.J. On Sunday, her father, Tony Pasquale, started to worry and shared with the FBI that her disappearance was “not like her.” The community gathered at a local church distributing flyers with pictures of the freckled-face blonde teen and the search commenced from Delaware to New York. Shortly after an evening vigil, authorities discovered the pre-teen’s body dumped in a recycling container five blocks from her home on Monday.

When their mother discovered a suspicious post on Facebook, the Robinson brothers were turned over to police.  Justin allegedly sent Autumn’s brother, A.J., a message on the social networking site simply saying “Autumn.” He wrote on his wall: “Might be moving” and added the sad face emoticon. He also ‘liked’ the “FIND AUTUMN PASQUALE” Facebook page.

His older brother Dante attends a school for students with behavioral and developmental disabilities.

Autumn’s backpack, bicycle and other evidence were taken from the teens’ home. The teens frequently hung out and had parties at the house, according to neighbors; and one of the brothers often bought and sold BMX bicycle parts there.

The autopsy revealed Autumn – who was a few days from her 13th birthday –was beaten and strangled.

Both have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposing of a body, tampering with evidence and theft. Justin was also charged with luring her into the house; he promised to give her bike parts. –yvette caslin

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