Stacey Dash in Sexy Photo With Paul Ryan!

Stacey Dash tweeted this photo of herself and Vice President Paul Ryan. The body language is interesting.

There may be more than meets the eye in this photo!

Dr. Lilian Glass, a body language expert, says that when a couple leans away from each other in a photo, it’s a sign of strain.

“Leaning away signals that the relationship is very contrived,” explains Glass. “It illustrates that they’re not connected, and one or both may be hiding from the other.”

Look closer at this photo, the two are leaning inward, which signals a friendship or like-mindedness. Stacey Dash tweeted this pic of herself with Paul Ryan, in the photo she’s wearing  an Emilio Pucci jersey dress.

In her Tweet, Dash said: “Fighting the good fight. Godspeed.”

Jezebel blog accused Dash of “vagina” politics.

Can you guess how much that dress costs?

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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