Evelyn Lozada Battles Over Chad Johnson on Twitter

Evelyn Lozada Gets Snarky With Ex-Husband’s Twitter Friend

After previously calling her ex-husband a “Twitter stalker” Evelyn Lozada looks as though she may have done some social media watching herself after the “Basketball Wives” star was caught exchanging words with one of her exe’s followers. Tiffany Jack, a reported Roc Nation records writer, sparked a heated exchange when she tweeted the former Miami Dolphin. After seemingly calling the unemployed baller “perfect,” a Lozada fan jumped in the mix and stirred the pot.


After seeing the woman’s words to her ex, Lozada sent off a snarky tweet in Jack’s direction.


What followed was a series of expletives on Jack’s behalf several of which have since been deleted, but were caught by fans who watched the situation first hand. In a bizarre twist, Johnson’s mother even chimed in on the conflict.

If Lozada seems paranoid about Johnson’s web exchanges with women, she actually has a right to. At least three Twitter.com users have been called out by RadarOnline for being mistresses to the NFLer; Amber Priddy (@AmberPriddy) Beverly Shiner (@BeverlyShiner) and Bianca Zuluaga (@Zulubibi.) Chad was rumored to be sleeping with all three women before and after his marriage to Lozada.

See a few more tweets from Evelyn, Chad, his mother and Tiffany Jack below. –danielle canada

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