Katt Williams slaps a Target employee

What’s 5-foot-5, a hilarious “pimp,” a rising celebrity wreck and a threat to your local Target employee? That would be an angry Katt Williams. Apparently, shortly after Williams’ wild three-wheeled chase with Sacramento, Calif.,  police on Nov. 25, the comedian went to a local Target and pimp slapped an employee.

Video footage obtained by TMZ shows Williams arguing with the Target employee. There is no audio, but the Target employee appears to be attempting to avoid a confrontation when out of nowhere, Williams slaps him across the face.

Suprisingly, instead of retaliating, the employee stands his ground and calmly calls the cops while Williams watches.

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, a YouTube video of the aftermath surfaced on the Internet last week, showing Williams hopping on an electric cart and slowly making his getaway from the store.

According to sources from the store, once Williams was outside, he ditched the electric cart and sped off on his three-wheeled motorcycle before the cops arrived.

A rep for the Yolo County DA’s office says the case is still under review and charges have yet to be filed against Williams.

Seriously, how is Williams not in jail yet? Does he have a get out of jail free card or something?

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