Celebrities against gay marriage

Although gay marriage is now legal in four states, some celebs are on the hot seat for their homophobic rants and opinions.

Alexandria Green
Alexandria Green

Houston TX, Writer, Photographer, Pop Culture Connoisseur.

    1. Because we don’t agree with them. They preach “tolerance” but they don’t practice it. If we don’t think or believe in the same things as they do, we’re considered homophobes, racists, bigots, judgmental etc. They’re hypocrites.

      1. When polyamory (marriage of 3 or more persons) becomes legal what will people who oppose it be called? Polyphobes? And to oppose adultery is to be an adulterophobe? Gambling and abortion are legal but many oppose. So – gamblophobia and aborphobia? It is a calculated shamimg, intimidation strategy that should be seen for the infantile absurdity that it is.

        1. Polyamory my ass. What does homosexuality have to do with polyamory? The gay and lesbian couples I’ve know have been with the same lover for 30 or more years. They may have more than one friend, but they usually stay with the same partner.

      2. Frankly this doesn’t sound like “homophobia.” Phobia is defined as an irrational *fear* of something or someone. When someone uses violence, intimidation, and threats against someone, that sounds more like an irrational *hatred* towards someone. Why that hatred, I really don’t know.

  1. I just said the same thing a few minutes ago I the comments section of a homosexuality-themed article on the Huffington Post website.

  2. I don’t consider it homophobia. Phobia is defined as an irrational fear of something or someone. What some of these celebs have is an irrational *hatred* for homosexuals. Why the strong hatred, I don’t know. They’re no different or worse than anyone else. They simply happen to be attracted to the same sex. What’s wrong with that? If a male-female couple can marry each other, why can’t a same-sex male couple, or a same-sex female couple? It may not be “normal”, it may not be “natural”, but so what? What’s so *wrong* about being attracted to the same sex?

    1. So tell me this. What’s wrong with being attracted to someone of a different race? It was once considered “unnatural” and “not normal”.
      With that in mind… What’s wrong with someone being attracted to someone closely related to them? What’s wrong with someone being attracted to more than one person? Neither of those are excepted as “natural” or “normal” in today’s society. A society where supposedly EVERYONE of a legal age should be able to love who they choose and have whatever kind of relationship they want without it being defined and regulated by others. Why do other kinds of intimate relationships that don’t fall under the strict “one man and one man” union get swept under the rug?

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