Beyoncé shows off sonogram in new ‘Life Is But A Dream’ trailer

Beyoncé’s ‘Life Is But A Dream’ trailer 

After previously releasing a sneak peek of her upcoming HBO documentary, Beyoncé has released a full length trailer of the intimate project. As previously reported Beyoncé is producing and starring in her “‘Life Is But A Dream” doc chronicling her day- to-day life and pregnancy with Blue Ivy. “I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself. How do I stay current?” says Beyoncé in the trailer. “How do I stay soulful? I felt like I had been so commercially successful [but] it wasn’t enough. It’s something really stressful about having to keep up with that.”

Beyoncé fans are especially excited about one clip in particular where the songstress reveals her pregnancy. “They keep trying to put me in these tight clothes, this is crazy,” says Beyoncé after showing off her sonogram and pregnancy belly. The moment is obviously meant to silence detractors who doubted that the singer carried her baby.


Check out the first full trailer for Beyoncé’s HBO documentary below. -danielle canada 

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