Whether you are a beginner or advanced in working out, Windows smartphone has a large variety of fitness apps to  build muscle, train for a marathon or just keep track of your daily workouts.  The majority of them are great and will help you stick with your New Year’s resolution for better health.

Check out some of the most popular Windows phone fitness apps of 2013.

  • TomasHunter

    Thank you for posting on these travel apps, Louvonia. I travel all over for my job at DISH, and I have used all of these apps except TravelZoo; I’ll check that out before my next trip. I would like to suggest an app that is awesome for traveling. It’s called DISH Remote Access, and it streams live TV or recordings from my Hopper DVR at home, to my phone, tablet or PC. All I need is access to 3g, 4g or WIFI. It’s great for waiting out long flight delays and layovers with a favorite movie or TV show.