Grammy Awards 2013: Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and more to perform

The 2013 Grammy Awards will start next week off with a splurge of celebrity performances. Of course rolling out  will be in our Sunday’s best as we give you the scoop, but take a look at the highly anticipated celebrity performances that will hit the Grammy stage.

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  1. Open Letter to Tina Brown of The Daily Beast


    This is in response to your comment on Twitter that describes Rihanna as “a big fat zero as a role model for girls.” You are definitely out of bounds to describe her in such a demeaning and callous manner. Who died and made you an authority on the character of Rihanna? How dare you insult her in such a way.

    Rihanna is a young person who doesn’t always make the wisest decisions. Typically, young people don’t fully know the best ways to handle their lives and the various challenges. Rihanna has never claimed to be a role model
    for girls. She’s doing her own journey – living, learning and discovering. Girls should have good parenting to learn about decent and wise decisions. They should be taught that we all falter, as well as make sensible choices. And we all experience consequences from our good and bad selections. Such is life.

    It isn’t Rihanna’s role to raise someone else’s children. She’s a very precious soul who happens to be publicly exposed due to her assorted talents. That doesn’t mean that she’s responsible for how young people conduct themselves. That is NOT her role or responsibility.

    Contrary to your foul comment about her, Rihanna is CERTAINLY NOT a big fat zero as a role model for girls. She’s ayoung woman on a journey living and learning just like the rest of us. She has chosen to be with Chris. It’s her life. She could be right and she could be wrong. Whatever…it’s her life.

    Rihanna is in the public domain due to her career. But she’s NOT public property. She’s breathing GOD’S air and when all is said and done, we all answer to Him. The Chris and Rihanna reunion could very well be GOD’s plan. He loves, judges and forgives…

    Your comment ranks low on the decency scale. And it’s in your best interest to be mindful of how you express about Rihanna. GOD loves and cherishes her. He owns the air and surely He doesn’t consider her a big fat zero as a role model for girls. GOD considers Rihanna very precious.

    GOD is displeased relative to your negative comments about Rihanna. And if you don’t remedy said expression, expect to be visited by GOD with proof that He’s displeased with your negative comment. Don’t take my word for it – ask GOD. And if you don’t, surely, He’ll present evidence to you that He’s displeased relative to the subject matter.

    In sincerity,

    Sandra Renee Hicks

    Thursday February 7, 2013

  2. Keyshia, girl give the childish behavior a rest. Michelle Williams didn’t like your performance at the Soul Train Music Awards, which is her prerogative. Not everyone is going to like everything that you do. Hell, most of America didn’t like your last album or it wouldn’t have bombed. Nevertheless, you are a wife and mother now. Set an example for your son and other young women. Furthermore, Michelle Williams is a bigger international super star than you will ever be in this lifetime. In fact, you could take a page out of her book and learn to how to act and behave like a real woman with some class. Now, when you get a Super Bowl gig perhaps you have something to talk to Michelle Williams about. Until then, please shut up!!!

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