Tyler Perry to direct movie about the Tom Joyner cruise?

tyler perry voyage 3Tyler Perry’s appearance and performance at the ultra-popular Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage served to further fuel reports that he is going to direct a movie based on the popular annual urban cruise.

Perry appeared with his singers at the beach resort Blue Lagoon in Nassau, Bahamas on the final day of the Tom Joyner Cruise. They belted out renditions of classic soul songs that riveted the crowd and made the prospect of an alliance between the two cultural giants (Joyner and Perry), all the more likely.

In it’s 14th year, the Tom Joyner Cruise normally attracts 3,000 to 4,000 urban sophisticates from around the nation into the port in South Florida. The cruise has also launched one time each from Galveston, Texas and Los Angeles. The cruise has attained national attention for attracting throngs of celebrities, top-notch, legendary, musical performers, poolside games, daily theme nights replete with costumes and exotic island visits. Other non-stop cruise activities include invigorating panel discussions and workshops, celeb-led morning exercises, daily devotionals, nightly parties and a multiplicity of other events.

Perry, it is being reported, wanted to capture the magic that takes place on that vast vacation vessel and show people how Tom Joyner really does “Party with a Purpose.”

Stay tuned for this developing story.

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