Blue Ivy’s hair once again sparks controversy

A new photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s darling daughter is once again sparking ridiculous reactions to the 1-year-old’s hairstyle. Late Tuesday Beyoncé updated her Tumblr and included a shot of Blue Ivy (pictured above) sitting in a mini director’s chair. The chair features her initial and travels worldwide with Blue during her mother’s “Mrs. Carter Show” tour. Blue is also seen wearing a tutu and pink top in the photo while hair is braided into plaits.

And while the majority of people are gushing over the photo, others are commenting negatively on the child’s coiffure.

“Why is Blue Ivy’s hair never done?!” wrote one fan.

“Oh Jesus, Blue Ivy’s hairdresser must be Nigerian,” added another.

This marks the second time Blue Ivy’s hair has been a hot topic of discussion, previously the child was chided for having a “messy hairstyle” when she was spotted with her parents in Paris.

 See Twitter reactions to Blue Ivy’s hair again, below. –danielle canada

  • Sherri Etienne

    Oh my God! What a shallow world we live in! She’s a baby for pete’s sake, leave her hair alone. What do people want her to have, a weave, a lace front, a Kangol? I mean seriously, the state of mankind is in desperate need of some divine intervention…

    • http://www.youtube.com/gotenvbitch EnV Carmello

      AMEN AMEN …people think when your of a certain status …being human is no longer acceptable ..sad

  • Someonenew Miamiya

    Blue has a nice texture of hair thank God beyonce be tuning u critics out and is letting her baby be a normal child AND that’s what I’m loving about B she not twisting an tugging on little blues hair she got many years to prove blues hair texture are whatever might verify blue hair gosh move on already LOL 🙂 hi B hi J

    • Gina

      She could at least put a couple of pony tails or braids in it. I couldn’t see me taking my beautiful little girl out with her hair all over her head. Sorry

  • Lisa Sweet

    She looks so cute in her director’s chair!! She is baby, she does not have to be done up every second of the day. She is beautiful in her on natural way. Hope we can all move past this ignorance one day.