Lisa Wu suing Keith Sweat for full custody of their children

Lisa Wu-Hartwell

Lisa Wu sues Keith Sweat

Lisa Wu, who appeared on the first and second seasons of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is fighting R&B singer Keith Sweat for custody of their sons.

According to Access Atlanta, which accessed the court records, Wu contends that it is in the best interest of their sons, Jordan Sweat (14) and Justin Sweat (11), to live with her.

“The best interest of the minor children will be served by modifying the current custody and visitation provisions to make Mother the primary physical condition of the minor children,” the Fulton County court papers read. “Since the time of the Divorce Decree, Mother has remarried, owns a successful business and will provide a stable, loving, and nurturing environment in which she can raise the minor children.”

Sweat was awarded full custody of the children in 2003.

Wu and Sweat wed in 1992 and had what a judge called an “extremely tumultuous relationship.”

After divorcing, Lisa married Ed Hartwell in 2005 and later divorced the former NFL player in 2011. –danielle canada


  1. This Story is over 4 years old. Why are you running it like it is current news.
    Keith’s children are now 18 and 15. What type of journalist would put their creditably on the line for digging up the past. Keith and Lisa have been divorced since 2003. I’m disappointed as a reader that Rolling Out would stoop so low for story. This is not a tackful publicity stunt. Keep your news current and stop living in the past.

  2. Current Event News or Past News? Am I confused or is Danielle Canada confused? I have to question Rolling Out’s credibility, because Keith Sweet and Lisa Wu’s custody issues are four years old. The story is posted as if this is current news and it is not. Jordon is now ager 18 and Justin is now age 15 and if my math is correct, this is a none factor issue. Possibly, this could be entertained for Justin, but not!! Even if this were current news, you can’t have custody issues over an 18 year old. Seriously? I am now questioning all of your stories. If for some reason, there is a new revelation in this story, the reporter has shown her incompetency in her writing skills and the Editor obviously had checked out for lunch all day for allowing the story to be Approved!!

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