Lupe Fiasco blasts black America after George Zimmerman acquittal

Lupe Fiasco - Grad Speech Cover

‘Don’t be angry now!’ –Lupe Fiasco

After the acquittal of George ZimmermanLupe Fiasco, 31, gave black America another dose of what some might call tough love after a six-person female jury found Zimmerman not guilty for the unarmed shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

“Half y’all been partying to Black Death for the past two decades … the other half watched the party … don’t be angry now!” wrote Fiasco to his more than one million followers.

“Rub your face in it! Swallow down that hard pill! Black blood spills in the streets of America nightly at the hands other blacks. […] “Curse, kick, scream, yell, tweet, unfollow. Don’t matter to me if y’all don’t start valuing yourselves N—s will be in the same boat tomorrow.”

He then called out the media for race-baiting throughout the trial.

“The case should have never been televised as the potential to antagonize U.S. race relations was, in my dumb opinion too risky and unnecessary,” wrote Fiasco.

And while some wholeheartedly agree with Fiasco, others are completely disgusted.



Check out Lupe’s response in full to the George Zimmerman acquittal below. –danielle canada

  1. Lupe Fiasco,
    I didn’t know “Black America” were the ones on trial in this case?
    I do agree there is a lot of senseless black on black crime in America….
    The question and concern I have with that is… “what is the cause” of the black on black crime?

      1. I agree.I was responding to the topic of the article.Danielle Canada and Lupe Fiasco put the focus on Black America.
        Black America is not on trial, so why put the blame or focus on them?

        1. A person of color can also be considered a black American.Just as all Europeans can be considered white Americans.But the point is Black America is not on trial in this case.Pre-judging based on skin color is what many people generalize before knowing origins.

          1. A person of color is not considered a Black American. My skin is brown. I’m not Black at all! This could be why the Black community has a lot of problems, they think they’re supposed to save everyone and include everyone into their community. However, Trayvon is Haitian, not AA.

          2. I didn’t say all persons of color are black Americans.I said “a person of color can also be considered a black American”.People make generalizations all the time,that’s a fact.Once again you,like Lupe Fiasco,are bringing up the black community,I never did.

          3. Trayvon was in America,I assume he was a legal citizen?So he probably was american?What color did he look like to you?

          4. America is the Whole continect, the thing is that african american means an african descendant who is living in the americas, that includes brazil, panama, colombia haiti, jamaica, and all the blacks in the united states, dont be twisted, also dont be afraid about your brown skin, thats the dominant gen, divide them and you will beat dem, travel to europe or outside the US and see what color you are… Black is just a name, it doesnt say anything about your background, language, origins or culture, just a social status, if you think that your tone give you some privileges is because you are well aware of the race game. Money will kill you for your soul.

          5. His ethnicity is Haitian but his race is Black. When you check off your race on an application you would check off African American.

          6. what does that fact that he was haitian have to do with thing when they were lynching my ancestors they gave a dam about where their roots lay all they see is your brown skintone yall some stupid your dam mind look at the picture in its totality it could have been your brother your uncle your son dumbass WTF is african american anyway? oh its a pseudonym for slave so I anit no dam AA you can if that is what you choose to be do you even know your nationality

  2. he is absolutely right we might not care to hear it but its the truth see we cant expect them to respect us till we respect us and value one another and our lives and stop killing one another over stupidity, and satnd together all the time not just when its convenient or something like this happens

    1. They didn’t respect you when you came, but Trayvon is Haitian. AA issues have nothing to do with the Haitian community. They’re making someone else’s problem your problem. Haitians don’t fight for you like you fight for them.

    2. Let me try to understand your point….
      Because many, not all black Americans, are killing themselves… it’s always only black America’s problem whenever they get killed?
      Whenever there is a problem in America it is an american problem.
      America made the same mistake when aids was first considered a homosexual problem.Many ignored helping that community until it became more of a direct problem to all.Whenever there is a problem it effects us all either directly or indirectly.So it is in America’s best interest to show it’s fellow man some compassion.But again,Black America is not on trail in this case.

      1. I said, “This is the Haitian communities problem.” If America cared, it wouldn’t be so many young Black women and men being killed. Also, why do Black Americans fight for everyone else and no one fights for them?

        1. I’m not here to take any sides,argue,or debate with anyone.I just thought the author of the post(Danielle Canada),and Lupe Fiasco made an interesting leap from a trail of George Zimmerman who was legally found not guilty (under the state of Florida law) ,and wasn’t a black American,, to now holding black Americans single-handedly responsible for all urban community problems?

        2. When Zimmermann saw Trayvon walking, he told the police that he looked black. The defense painted an image of Trayvon as a troubled black youth. This is a black problem

          1. Even if it were a “black problem” black people can’t really do anything but run their mouths.Black people don’t have the economic means,or law enforcement it would take to solve all the problems and attacks they are facing from themselves and others.You may see it as a black problem ,and I’m fine with you seeing it that way.I personally see it more as an american problem, because it’s happening in “America”,to a group of “Americans”.

        3. To me, at the end of the day it does not matter what Trayvon was. Being Haitian did not matter to Zimmerman, being BLACK did. So to me this is a black issue. Part of my family is African and trust they are profiled the same as any other AA. I have talked to friends whose families are from Belize, Guyana, Panama, and Jamaica. I have spoken to people whose parents are from Africa, but they were raised in the states. AA, or not the U.S sees us as black first. Any thing else is secondary. We are all in the same boat. So whether your family has roots in the deep south or central or south america, or even hail from the motherland. It doesn’t matter because in this country you learn your blackness, you are reminded that being from another country doesn’t make any different from regular AAs in the eyes of white society. The thing you must realize is that white society will not distinguish between the children of black immigrants and the children AAs. Martin was Haitian, Amadou Diallo was African, Oscar Grant and Sean Bell were AA. What did they all have in common? They were black males who were presumed to be a threat and they were ALL unarmed when they are fatally shot and killed by some form of white law enforcement. It’s more than a Haitian community problem because as the Martin family said, this could have been anyone’ s black child. And why fight for everyone else? If AAs had the attitude that no one is fighting for me and had never fought for anything in this country NO minority group would enjoy ANY of the privileges they have today, I don’t care what your skin color is. Sometimes it’s bigger than you, the Trayvon Martin murder is bigger than just the Haitian community because there is not one black male in this country who can not relate his situation of being profiled because of the color of the skin and the way he dressed.

  3. Maybe Black America could take a lesson from Jews here in the wake of this tragedy of Trayvon Martin… Because it seems that because everyone else, particularly Europeans, wants to see the demise/ elimination/ extermination of African People from the face of the earth period from the face of the Planet …Why should we help in this effort by Killing our own Kith & Kin… For Jews this is unthinkable…..Black America Take heed…Hear What I Say…

  4. Really black people need to learn how to read… he’s saying we don’t respect ourselves, we kill each other everyday… so we can’t expect others to treat us with more respect than we show ourselfs. It made it easy for the defense to show him as a thug because that’s how white america see’s us(news, rappers etc) than that hair hat of a girlfriend got on the stand and just proved the point

    1. White people have the highest rate of suicide(particularly via gunshot) than any other group in the US, yet NO ONE questions whether or not they deserve equal protection under the law; white life is not devalued by our courts. All races inflict violence on persons of their own race. To use this phenomenon among black people as justification for unequal treatment under the law for blacks is disingenuous to say the least.

    2. What does reading have to do with the fact that black America was not on trial in this case?I can agree with Lupe Fiasco, as I did.Only a racist,or a drug addicted/mentally disturbed individual doesn’t acknowledge or care what’s going on in urban communities.Not every so call “black american”is out there killing themselves and others.The urban/black american tragedy is not something black americans necessarily caused on their own,and they certainly don’t have the economic resources,or law enforcement,that would be needed to solve it alone.That is happening in America.That is an American problem.

      My point was this was not the time or place to point a finger at the black community.That’s like saying because she wore a short skirt the rape was justified.I didn’t say I was in favor of, or against the not guilty verdict.I didn’t follow the case close enough to make my judgement.I wasn’t on the jury.The Florida state law made it’s decision regardless to what I or anyone else thinks.

      My point again was black America was not on trail in this case.

  5. Blacks kill blacks every day and Negroes throw tantrums when another race does it? U Blacks and Hispanics listen to songs like “niggas dont care about nothing”, then u pretend to care about 1 black boy being killed when you (black people) have killed milllions throughout the year everyday. This is madness. You support rappers who condone this action activity in their music as well. Stop and Frisk Wicked Negroes YouTube watch and learn why u blacks and Hispanics are the way u are.

  6. Visit israelunitedotorg to find out biblically why black people are going to KEEP DYING and the killers get off! Its evil BUT Necessary Evil to wake u guys up to the truth that ur hated and are living in a land that was built on hating you. U cant expect JUSTICE from a Land built on INJUSTICE. I hope a white person doesnt tell me to leave America after this comment b/c Blacks and Especially Native Americans have a right to be here more than they do, b/c of ALL THE WORK we put in to build this country anyways. Come out of Matrix my Black and Hispanic brothers and sisters.

  7. Is he not telling the truth? I am in no way supporting the evil done to my people in this country, but NOT A SINGLE one of you cry for the killing of each other (black on black crime) none of you cry for the hundreds of thousands of abortions we commit as a people, none of you cry against the whoredom (baby daddys and mamas) in our community. All this is ok to you but when america slaps us in our face blatanly you get angry? Get angry when we kill each other also, unite as a people with God backing us and then we can do something, until then this curse that God put on the blacks, hispanics, will continue to happen. Hosea 4:6 “Hosea 4:6.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children

    Go to and learn more

  8. Lupe is right, how can we as a race complain NOW! Im being saying this for years. Cant say how many times another black man has disliked me on site. Some because woman pay me attention others for reasons unknown maybe because I have some $ etc., who knows. Ive helped dudes and a month later, there trying to set me up or trying to get at my woman etc., I started hanging by myself though because being black is hard enough without having to watch those who should be supportive! Who am I speaking of needing to be supportive? Black men of other black men, soon as another race harms us, we want to scream and holler and rightfully so if its racism, my issue is, why dont we hold one another accountable when we harm people with the same color as us. Either we are humans or a race, cant be black when it benefits us and when we rob and kill each other, we were just being a man or when we dont tell on black who kill other blacks we dont want to snitch! What? So we tell or care if whites or other races kill or beat us but, when we kill or hurt each other its ok? WHY? Oh, if a black kills a black its cool? I agree with LUPE, dont be concerned now! Until we change whats cool and acceptable among our own race, we will NEVER get respect in the judicial system and the media will always use things to turn it towards us! Trayvon being killed was wrong regardless of his race, his death was unjustified, PERIOD, i dont agree with him being killed at all. I feel for his family and friends, my issue is when will we see as blacks that we only get outraged like this when we think we were killed via race and thats got to end. Was TRayvons case racism, maybe, myabe not! Only Trayvon and zimmerman truly know the truth! Us as a people, black people though need to get rid of the stop snitching bull and stop killing one another or fighting over online beef, ignorant and give love to each other and then be outraged! Love a human

    1. I agree with the fact that the crime and self hate in the urban communities ,and black on black crime is more than it should be.But to say that no so call “Black Americans” are speaking out against it, and trying, to stop it is ludicrous.The point is black people can want to change it all they want to ,but only our Government both local, and federal ,has the power to do so.Either they don’t know or don’t care enough.But again every black person is an individual.Some are criminals,some hard working tax payers.Just like all races and cultures have good and bad seeds.But if it is happening in America…. it is an American problem.

      1. No argument from me regarding your points, there valid, we can always have a healthy convo on issues without degrading one another. I thank you for not downing me and kindly and humbly return the favor. Wish all did as we did. I respect your points and they were good as well! I wish we were all one color, at least we would have one less reason dislike one another and at least race wouldnt be an issue why things were done to people, PERIOD! Funny thing is, humans will find some reason to dislike one another anyways! I guess! Not happy to say that but, feel at least if one color that could help issues being about race! I love being black but, wish we were just one color, were one race(human race)! LGNM

        1. Lee,I humbly respect and appreciate your points as well.I always prefer taking the higher road.
          You wish there was only one color.I wish there was no poverty,ignorance,or hate.Our creator created diversity for a reason.Probably to add variety and not bore us to death.Just keep making a difference one person at a time if that’s all your reaching.Then build momentum from there.

  9. Truth hurts. Niggas here in Chicago were protesting hard when Trayvon was killed. But when a 19 yr old black kid was gunned down by the green line, there wasn’t a peep from my people. Or how about the 8 yr old black girl who was shot in the head while tying her younger sisters shoes? Nope no news coverage, protest, no black celebs, no MSNBC, CNN or anything.

    Lupe Fiasco is 10000% correct.

    1. Mr. R,
      You bring up an important point.”No MSNBC,CNN…” The media is 10000% a more significant problem than anyone out of the so call”Black community”.

      Lupe Fiasco should ask the major media outlets why they pick and chose what to have Americans focus their attentions on.

      Lupe Fiasco might serve the black community better that way.

      He would also be making a group that has far more power to change the hate, and is far more responsible for not changing things sooner, than any ,and every so call black American.

      So although Lupe’s heart and intentions may be good….
      His approach is not. Let’s blame the people with the real power to change things.But of course speaking out against authority has far more risk.

  10. lupe shoulda known how this would go over. if they turned their backs on DR. Cosby (yes lets not forget his phd in education and additional 12 honorary phds) what makes you think they’ll listen to you.
    inflammatory or not lupe makes a good point. we may not have created the negative imagery and perceptions that surround black america today but in the end we will be primarily responsible for removing them if they are to be removed.

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