Hottest photos of Raven-Symoné’s girlfriend, AzMarie Livingston


Raven-Symone’s girlfriend’s photos

Now that Raven-Symone has openly admitted to being a lesbian, fans are scrambling to find out more info about the incredibly private celeb’s personal life. One aspect that has been confirmed is that she at one time dated and lived with a beautiful model who appeared on Tyra Banks’ reality show.

Back in 2012, the National Enquirer confirmed that Symone was dating AzMarie Livingston of “America’s Next Top Model” fame and living with her in a ritzy Manhattan apartment. The actress and the androgynous beauty were even rumored at one time to be planning a wedding even though Symone recently shut down those claims.

And while reports on their relationship are mixed with some saying the couple is still together and others claiming that they’ve split, one thing that remains for sure is that Livingston has page-turning looks and a style all her own.

Check out the hottest photos of Raven-Symone’s on-again, off-again girlfriend below. -danielle canada

  1. That’s right ladies, live your lives, no one else is entitled to your lives but you therefore making your decisions your own I hope they are both still together and the coming out didn’t destroy their relationship.

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