Sharkeisha fight victim’s mother speaks out (video)

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 Sharkeisha fight victim’s mother

The mother of a teen who was brutally assaulted in a viral video is defending her daughter. Olevia Henderson of Houston, Texas recently told KHOU that her daughter Sha’Michael Manuel, 17, is having to relive her beat-down by her classmate Sharkeisha, 16, thanks to the countless internet memes and jokes circulating online.

“The video’s just going and going. They’re making jokes, and they’re taunting. They’re glorifying the girl [Sharkeisha], but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time,” said Henderson.

As previously reported, Manuel says she was tricked into meeting with Sharkeisha after school. Irate over something that transpired involving a boy, Sharkeisha viciously attacked Manuel, punching her in the eye and kicking her in the face. The video, which was taped for WorldStarHipHop, is continuing to rack up thousands of views online.

Olevida Henderson has been vehemently trying to report the video but to no avail; new videos including dances and reactions to the Sharkeisha fight are becoming more and more prevalent. Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 9.46.16 AM

Sha’Michael Manuel, 17, was victimized by her classmate Sharkeisha, 16, in Houston, Texas

“I was in the grocery store, and the girl was checking out my groceries. The baggers were just laughing and talking about it. I said that’s my daughter in that video, and their whole expression changed,” Henderson told KHOU.

Henderson recently filed a police report with the Harris County Sheriff’s office.

Sha'Michael after her fight with Sharkeisha
Sha’Michael after her fight with Sharkeisha

Check out Sha’Michael Manuel’s mother speaking out against the Sharkeisha fight video below. -danielle canada

  1. I see the wet-lashes of this precious pumpkin’s battered and bruised face and say this tish is not funny. I’m so sorry this happened to Sha’Michael. Praying for her now…

        1. The first tragedy that happened to Henderson’s daughter is her name and the mom is the perp;-) this is what i posted; do you understand english? because your response suggests that you don’t

          1. Seriously the fact that you would talk shit about this poor girls name after she was sucker punched and it put out there for the whole world to see just means you fucken deserved that punch not her. Congratulations you’re and asshole.

          2. not only should you proofread your posts so you don’t look like a fool calling someone else an asshole but you should also retake elementary reading comprehension. Sharkeisha didn’t get sucker punched; she’s the one who did the sucker punching.

          3. But you’re not talking about Sharkeisha. You’re talking about Sha’Michael, Henderson’s daughter. So Aaceee is correct in that sense. But then he ruins it by writing “you’re and asshole”. And they both have stupid names. Sharkeisha sounds like one of those crap SyFy Channel movies.

          4. no, im actually talking about The Shark, the victim is referred to as Shay in the video. if henderson isn’t shark’s mom then i made a mistake, sorry

      1. Both of their names really! It’s just embarrassing and came well before this fight! With names like that, you kinda already have an idea of what their fates are going to be! Sad.

  2. I said it from the start aint shit funny about this and all you dumb ass adults who think it is you are the fucking problem with youth today. We are suppose to be protecting our children all our children. We should be teaching them whats wrong these types of actions cause if I seen my kids or any of the kids I know they dont have to worry about the police cause that ass will be mine believe that. So adults get your head out your ass grow up and help these children.

    1. You realize you’re the one that sounds dumb, right? 99% of white people think you’re a moron and feel sorry for you. Enjoy your silly KKK rallies. ~ Sincerely, a white guy.

  3. I think that’s cruel and I hope you get justice nothing about that video was funny. IT SHOWS how sharkeisha set u up and picked u came out of nowhere ..she couldnt take on someone her own size or she is crazy….but messed up thank god someone stopped it….but i can’t see how anyone would think that’s funny and I was all for fighting but if they messed with me but that’s a Pudding. Id never fight dirty or bully anyone or set someone up that’s a h03 @ss thing to do. The people who laugh are probably thinking how dumb could someone be to record that and go to puck out her oppnet u had no say in it she will get hers .Im so sorry this happened to you and ur daughter

  4. People keep saying that this is a fight and this and that. This wasn’t even a fight, Sharkeisha caught her off guard and she’s also way smaller than Sharkeisha. Sharkeisha ain’t anything, and she certainly has nothing to brag about. I’m a teen, and im saying this. It ain’t funny and it sure wasn’t a fight or anything to be proud of.

  5. All this behind a boy who has by now moved to the next weak minded girl he’s found to fall for his crap. Females like a Sharkeisha will never learn they are just another victory in this guy’s book to brag about.

  6. Alot about this situation saddens and disappoints me. The fact that Sharkeisha is being glorified by such a gruesome act is terrible. Nothing about her actions are applaudable. She sucker punched the hell out of the girl after she turned her head, then once the girl was already on the ground she continued and kicked her in the face. Its even more disturbing that this all happened over a boy? A boy who probably isn’t doing much more with his life. A boy who is probably playing the both of them considering the fact that he isn’t there to defend either one. Also as a black 20 year old female it saddens me that this kind of behavior is “common” in our society. Also that our society White, black, Hispanic, etc… are letting this go viral making dances, songs, and laughs out of this situation. Smh. Society’s indecency is shameful. Our culture needs Help.

  7. Criminal charges should be forthcoming. Luring someone and then violently attacking them certainly qualifies as premeditated assault. The fact she launched her assault with a sucker punch simply highlights the fact SHARKeisha has no honor whatsoever.

    1. Sucker punched AND kicked her while she was down. What a piece of trash. I hope she learns from this and turns her life around rather than becoming even more callous and violent.

  8. S/O to the playa that’s smashin these young hoes, I hope he hit’em raw and recoded the shit cuz that footage is worth mills now…… Playaz stay recording these hoes…

  9. This Sharkeisha fellow should be sent to jail, and every website which uploaded the video of this young lady, Sha’Michael should be made to pay $1 for every click on their website. They’re obviously making money off this content which they lured this kids to make, using Sha’Michael as their victim.

    The girls who victimized this young lady should serve time, and the websites who’re making money from views which they got by attempting to glorify this act, and encourage others to act same, should pay up for the premium content they’re out to get. MORONS!

  10. Stuff like this happens all the time. Like 75% of the time fights are started by sneak attacks. The people getting hit are generally able to take the hit and fight back not go down.

  11. okay dude im from frikken louisiana and for all the shit we have to deal with about being racist hicks we actually treat people with more respect than you apparently do and if someone from where i come from used that word they would get the shit beat out of them by some black kids and the white kids would do nothing and say “thats what you get for being a racist ass hole”

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